Monday 10 June 2024

Ranchodrai's unheimlich lila

Because, it is only what can't be shared that shapes the un-homely
No mediocre Lad, to Mum & Dad, escapes a Svayambhu Duty
Nor, e'en now, can this shitty LSE Grad be Utterly Lonely
Save as witness to arbitrary copulas' Absolute Beauty

That Peace hath for Prince, a Goy who, from Battle, runs away
Make of Genesis a toy with which Baby Jesus but play. 

Poet! That you think 'I & Thou' is transverse to 'I & Them'
Your conatus is the cacoethes verse it serves to condemn. 

Albeit, by my own ignorant auto-didacticism, Self-Selected
Loneliness yet all Love- aestheticized, perfected

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