Sunday 20 September 2009

Subject: Entrance exam for K.G class of ’07- St. Columba’s School

I have recently completed work on the kunji for the entrance exam to the Kindergarden Class of my old Convent School.

Here is a sample of my model answer to the Epistemology & Metaphysics Paper (2007)

Q. "Who smelt it dealt it" Discuss.
Ans. The whole point about the bourgeoisie is that they, by definition, don't want absolute power. Thus epistemological suspicion- whether Marxist, Feminist or Green- gives itself away by pointing the
finger in that direction.
True, it was Socrates who set that particular bandwagon rolling. Jealousy of the great tragedians of the day is the commonly held motive and the irony delicious that he upstaged the luvvies by himself becoming the pharmakos (scape-goat ) required to purge the Polis of its ills.
Similarly, the Upanishads, the Bhakti movement, Sufism, and so on are themselves the fart that is Maya, Majaz, Illusion, what have you, rather than the fundament they are consecrated to lick.

That should suffice. After all this is just K.G.

Needless to say, my kunji was rejected by the publisher.

Apparently, I'd neglected to mention the celebrated connection between Alain Badiou and the Abahlali baseMjondolo slum-dwellers movement in South Africa.

Actually, thinking about it for a couple of minutes I've got to say- fair cop Guv.

Still, it's kind of upsetting to know I couldn't even get into the K.G class of my old alma mater.

Supreme Court should take action.