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The following are available on Kindle & paperback from Amazon. The first six are also available on Google Books. Some unsold copies of the first five can be purchased from me if only for book-burning purposes. 

Whiskey's Secret- short novel

Deus Absconditus- story collection

Samlee's daughter- novel

The Tiger's Gift- story collection

The Mirror's Messiah- poetry collection.

Ghalib, Gandhi & the Gita- essay collection

Amartya Sen & Maieutic Socioproctology- an incapability approach

Agnes Callard vs. Magnus Mallard- Socratic couvade v Agnodice's maiuetics

Virulent Wokeness : Amia Srinivasan & Jason Stanley

Gayatri Spivak & the Permanently Menstruating Subaltern

Gandhian psilosophy vs Ambekarite good sense

Akribeia, Economia & Antidosis

Argumentative Indian imbeciles

Amartya Sen- Intentional Foolishness & the Intensional Fallacy 

Zugzwang, to Zermelo, is the gift of Zorn (poetry)