Monday 25 June 2012

Why Jews hate Hindus.

Rabbi Goldberg was a tolerant man. When his wife came to him and said 'Have you heard? Hindus are moving in next door. There goes the neighborhood!', he admonished her citing Exodus 22.21 and Leviticus 19.34 and Deuteronomy 10.19.
However he began to change his mind when he went over the next day to complain about the noise.
'Yo! Rabbi dude' his new Hindu neighbor said, 'You want hash? No. I can see you're Hasid- so you want Acid. OMG! Did my cow just shit on you? Thank you, iphone for recording it. I'll just put this on Youtube.'
'Sir,' Rabbi Goldberg said sternly, 'To answer your question- yes, your cow did just shit on me. Why do you have a cow suspended above your front door?'
'It's like a Hindu mezuzah, Holy Rabbi dude' the Hindu replied, 'We worship the cow as our God, don't you know. Moreover, we've got millions of Gods. I've just moved in but I've already got three in the drawing room and another ten distributed around the house. Did their mooing wake you?'

Anyway, that's why Rabbi Goldberg is now endorsing Netanyahu's deporting us niggers. Shame Golders Green still has to suffer.
Personally, I blame David Cameron. That boy aint right.


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Yep any ahole is now an author and can self publish his drivel thanks to the internet

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Sorry to disappoint the hate-mongers.

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