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Rahul Gandhi's cowardice and hatred

Rahul Gandhi has an MPhil from Cambridge in 'Development Studies' which was already known to be worthless shite. He then worked for Dr. Michael Porter of the Monitor Group which became insolvent. In other words, Rahul- the biggest Non Performing Asset in Indian political History- has an education and training which has come to define intellectual bankruptcy and counterproductive bullshit.

He recently gave a lecture at the Cambridge Judge Business School (Cambridge JBS) titled “Learning to Listen in the 21st Century”. Sadly, those who did well in the 21st century, did their listening in the late Twentieth Century and then acted on what they had learned. Mimetics matters- imitate those who are doing better than you. But what they do is give fewer excuses and just get on with 'last mile delivery'. You succeed only if you offer a 'value proposition' of a dependable and burgeoning kind.

Modi has had the most successful career of any Twenty First Century Indian politician. He had never stood for election or held any public office before suddenly being made Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001. He was two years younger then than Rahul is now. Modi didn't just listen to what the Gujarati voter was saying to him. He formed policies, articulated them and went on to implement them. However, Modi's success in Gujarat would not have led to his becoming Prime Minister in 2014. The BJP would have put up Advani- who was twice Rahul's age- because the younger man was bound to romp home. Thus, it was Rahul's failure to enter the Cabinet and then take the top job before the General Election which created a situation where Congress had no viable PM candidate. Modi got a walk-over. Since then, Rahul's every political intervention has been utterly disastrous. The man is a cretin and talks like a brain damaged child. 

Consider his claim that 'an Indian political leader can give a talk at Cambridge University, Harvard University but he can’t give a talk in an Indian university'. This is simply untrue. Manmohan Singh is invited to speak at his alma mater because Manmohan achieved a lot. Modi, too, is invited to speak to University students in India, because Modi has achieved much and will achieve more. Dr. Shashi Tharoor, being a fine orator, is invited to speak at many different universities at home and abroad. Even Rahul would be welcomed by his alma mater- St. Stephens- though he might be more at ease addressing the infants at St. Columba's. Thus, it simply isn't true that Rahul is banned from speaking in Indian universities. However, it is obvious that his Party does better when he keeps away from Parliament.  Let Mahua Moitra gain plaudits for attacking the Government. Rahul's job is to ensure Congress is unelectable. He says 'The reason is that our government simply does not allow any idea of the Opposition, any concept of the Opposition to be discussed.'
Rahul is describing the Congress Party. As for the BJP, we don't care what they 'discuss'. We are concerned with actions not words. 
 The same happens in Parliament House when there are important things we need to speak about, like demonisation, GST, the fact that the Chinese are sitting inside our territory… we are not allowed to raise them in the House,
Rahul was allowed to talk about these things but he shat himself instead. Sad.

The Indian Express reports on Rahul's Cambridge Business School lecture- 

Here are the 10 things that Gandhi spoke of:

On democracy in India

“Indian democracy is under pressure, is under attack.

The country's oldest and biggest party turned to shit because it was and remains the vehicle of a dynastic moon-calf.  

I am an Opposition leader in India and we are navigating that space.

Congress and Rahul aren't navigating shit. They are sinking.  

What is happening is that the institutional framework which is required for a democracy — Parliament, a free press, the judiciary —

Political parties which are not the personal property of a corrupt, incompetent, dynasty 

just the idea of mobilisation, just the idea of moving around … these are all getting constrained. So, we are facing an attack on the basic structure of Indian democracy.”

Congress has to disappear for India to transition from Dynasticism to egalitarian Democracy.  

On federalism

“In the Constitution, India is described as a union of states

without American style 'dual sovereignty'.  

and that union requires a negotiation, requires a conversation.

What conversation did Rahul's granny have with anybody when she imposed Emergency and jailed her opponents?

It is slightly different than other countries. You can think about it much more at the scale of Europe.

No you can't. Brexit was perfectly legal and peaceful. India does not permit secession.  

Multiple different states, much much bigger, requiring a conversation and a negotiation to actually move forward. It is that negotiation that is actually coming under and is under threat.”

Who can negotiate with this cretin? What 'conversation' or 'negotiation' is going on within Congress? All we can see is sycophancy and the brutal bullying and ostracization of anyone in the Party who does not bend over for the Dynasty.  

Protests stifled

Showing a photograph of the police stopping him and several other party MPs at Vijay Chowk during a protest against Sonia Gandhi’s questioning by the Enforcement Directorate last July,

Congress was protesting against a probe into its Italian leader's monumental corruption.  

he said, “That picture is taken in front of Parliament House. That is where a whole bunch of Opposition members of Parliament were just standing there talking about certain issues

Please don't question Mummy about all the money she stole. She is Italian. Democracy in Italy means Corruption.  

and we were just locked up and put in jail. And that has happened three or four times. And it has happened relatively violently.”

Rahul did Aikido against the cops. Sadly, Aikido is shit.  

Attack on minorities

especially Italian ladies who have become billionaires 

“You have also heard of the attack on minorities,

Great grand pappy, Nehru, presided over the biggest ethnic cleansing of Muslims in history. Delhi went from being one third Muslim to having only about five percent when Nehru became Prime Minister. 

the attack on the press.

Granny jailed and tortured journalists. 

So, you get a sense of what is going on. The one way I would like to think about it is that in India democracy is a public good because it is by far the biggest democracy … so preserving Indian democracy is more than just about India. It is actually about the democratic structure and democratic system on the planet.”

Which is why the whole world should tell Rahul to get the fuck out of politics. Dynasticism is antithetical to egalitarian Democracy- more particularly if the heir by primogeniture has shit for brains.  

Surveillance and attack on institutions

“Capture and control of media and judiciary. Surveillance and intimidation. I myself had Pegasus on my phone. A large number of politicians have Pegasus on their phones. I have been called by Intelligence officers who tell me, ‘Listen, please be careful of what you are saying on the phone because we are sort of recording the stuff.’

Hilarious! Modi is desperate to steal and take credit for Rahul's amazing ideas about fiscal policy and geopolitical strategy. 

On the other hand, since the Dynasty has billions of dollars which they could not have acquired legally, it is entirely possible that the Economic Crimes unit of various jurisdictions might be investigating him. Don't forget that the Alien Torts Act means that the FBI, investigating an American counter-party to a corrupt or criminal act, could target Rahul just as easily as it might target the scion of some other kleptocratic 'Secular-Socialist' dynasty like the Assads. 

This is constant, constant pressure that we feel. Cases of opposition … I have got a number of criminal libel cases for things that should under no circumstances be criminal libel cases.

Rahul thinks he should be allowed to do and say anything he likes.  

So. that is the story. And that is what we are trying to defend.

Rahul's right to run the country. 

What we found as the Opposition is that it is very difficult to communicate with people when you have this type of assault on the media, on the democratic architecture.”

What Modi discovered when he went underground to fight the Emergency was that it was very easy to communicate with people despite assaults on  the media and the democratic architecture. 

Bharat Jodo Yatra experience

“We started getting people who started talking to us about things that we never imagined that they would speak about … Suddenly, we were getting these emotional outbursts of people telling us the most personal things. So, I am walking and suddenly these two girls come, one of them grabs my hand on this side and the other one grabs my hand on the other side. When they grabbed my hand I felt something I have never felt before … I thought this is strange, the way they are holding my hand, there is something strange in it. It is almost like a desperate way of holding my hand. I looked at the girl and said tell me what’s happened, how you are doing? And she looks at me and she says well my sister and me were gang-raped by five guys. This is not a personal conversation that you will have with somebody who you have just met. I said let’s call the cops. That was my first reaction. I am like that’s a real problem, let’s call the cops.

“They were like, ‘Please, don’t call the cops, you can’t call the cops’ … And they are like, ‘If you call the cops we will be shamed.’ And then the girl says, ‘I will never be able to get married.’ So I said, ‘What do you want me to do?’ I said If I don’t call the cops how do I help you. They said, ‘No, we just wanted our brother to know what had happened to us.’

Because the fellow is useless. Indeed he was once accused of gang raping a female Congress worker 'with the aid of foreign friends', but nobody believed he had that much virility. 

And I said, ‘You have told your brother what has happened to you, now what do I do?’ They said there is nothing you can do and they just walked away.

If you want to ensure nothing useful gets done, talk to Rahul. 

You extrapolate that and then you can see thousands of women who have faced something like that and you can see the pain that is there, hidden, and you can see the difficulty that they are dealing with. I thought, these girls have dealt with this and now they are going to deal with it for the rest of their lives and they are never going to tell anybody. I thought that was crazy.”

What is crazy is this guy telling us that girls in India think he is so utterly useless that he will do nothing if his 'sisters' are gangraped? By contrast, most 'bahubali' MPs will say 'I won't involve the police. I'll just have the rapists killed but only after they beg to be put out of their misery..' 

“This is where the thing gets really interesting. So, we are going through all the states and Kashmir is insurgency prone. There is a lot of violence there … As I am entering Kashmir, the security guys come to me and say, ‘Look, you can’t walk in Kashmir. It is not a good idea.’ We are walking for three days, in the roughest districts, they said you can’t walk in Kashmir, it is a bad idea. I said, ‘Why can’t I walk in Kashmir?’ They are like, ‘Well, you will get hand grenades thrown at you.’ Now I am responsible for 120 people I am walking with. I said let me go and have a little word with them. So, I go and have a little word with them. I told them, ‘Look, they are telling us that hand grenades are going to get thrown at us.’ I was like, ‘Frankly I want to walk. If we get hand grenades, we get hand grenades.’ So, they were like, ‘We should all walk.’ So, we decided we are going to walk. And we started to walk and suddenly what starts to happen is that these Indian flags start coming out everywhere. The first day, we were told about 2,000 people were going to show up and 40,000 people showed up. “

Rahul doesn't seem to understand that he has just paid Amit Shah a compliment for restoring peace and tranquillity to Kashmir.  

Militants looking at me

“So, we have been told we are going to be killed. And we are walking. And people are coming and one guy looks at me and he says, ‘Call me.’ So, I am like, ‘Come’ … And the security people have said, ‘Please don’t do this … please don’t call people, because it is putting everyone at risk.’ So, he comes and he starts walking next to me. So he says, ‘Mr Gandhi, you have come here to listen to us.’ I am like, ‘yes’. He said, ‘That is interesting.’ He is like, ‘You really come here to listen to us.’ I am like, ‘yes’ and he is like good. And then he says, ‘You see those guys over there?’ And we are walking. I ask, ‘Who?’ He says, ‘Those boys over there.’ He is like, ‘They are militants.’ Now militants should normally kill me … In that environment, militants should kill me. He says they are there and they are looking at you. So, I look at them and they are giving me this sort of look and I am like, okay, I am now in trouble because this guy has just told me this … They give me this look and I give them this look back and then we carry on. Nothing happens. Why I am telling you this is because they actually couldn’t do anything. They actually didn’t have the power to do anything even if they wanted to.

Because they were afraid of Amit Shah. Not only would they be mowed down by bullets but their family homes would be bulldozed. 

Because I had come into that environment listening.

Unlike his Daddy who went into a Tamil environment in a deaf manner and thus got blown to smithereens. 

And I had come into that environment completely with no violence in me at all.

Whereas Granny was going to meet Peter Ustinov with a heart seething with homicidal rage, which is why her Sikh bodyguards pumped her full of bullets. 

And a vast number of people were saying that. That to me was an indicator of listening and non-violence.”

  Mahatma Gandhi should have listened politely to Nathuram Godse. 

On Narendra Modi’s policies and schemes

“The problem is that if you fundamentally disagree with the foundation of something,

You may be a cretin who doesn't understand what the foundation of anything is. 

I could think about it and say maybe that policy that he has done is not a bad policy, maybe giving ladies gas cylinders and giving people bank accounts is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. But that sort of misses the point. Because in my view Narendra Modi is destroying the architecture of India.

But Rahul is as stupid as shit. Fuck would he know about architecture  

So, I am not bothered about two or three good policies that he is doing if he is blowing my country to smithereens or our country to smithereens.

This stupid cunt thinks the country has been blown up when all that is happened is that Congress, under his leadership, has imploded. 

I think that is what he is doing. He is imposing an idea on India that India cannot absorb.

No. India chose to be a Hindu nation with a strong center. Its first PM- Panditji- presided over ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Delhi itself. Its second PM was a 'Shastri'- i.e. expert in Hindu Shastras. Indira was identified with Goddess Durga. Rajiv with Lord Ram. Sonia was seen as pativrata. Rahul is now seen as a dirty Santa who likes going for long walks.  

India, as I said, is a union of states.

But the Union government decides what is or isn't a State. There is no 'dual sovereignty'. 

It is a negotiation and if you try to force one idea on a union, it will react.

Autocracy does get tempered by assassination- which is why Rahul doesn't want to be PM. 

I have got a Sikh gentleman sitting here. He is from the Sikh religion.

No kidding! Rajiv made sure plenty of Sikhs were killed in Delhi in revenge for his mother's assassination. Sadly, Congress could not kill Madrasis when Rajiv was killed because Congress wasn't in power. 

We have got Muslims in India,

Nehru presided over the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Delhi itself. Then he passed a law preventing those who had fled in panic across the border returning to claim citizenship. On the other hand, the Muslims of Kashmir Valley got their revenge by killing or chasing away Hindu Pandits. 

Christians in India, different languages in India …They are all India. Mr Narendra Modi says he is not.

No he doesn't. Modi's party is part of the ruling coalition in Christian majority states. Congress has been wiped out in the North East gaining just 8 out of 180 seats in the recent elections. 

Mr Narendra Modi says he is a second-class citizen in India.

No. It was Nehru who stripped Indian Muslims of citizenship if they had fled across the border to save their lives.

I don’t agree with him.

But everybody agrees that Rahul is a mooncalf.  

If your disagreement is so fundamental then really talking about three policies that you agree with, I think misses the point.”

The point Rahul is missing is that he has destroyed Congress as a political force.  On the other hand, Himachal has shown that Congress can rally provided Rahul stays the fuck away.

When you look at these things seriously, you have to go past the idea of the right-wing and go into what are the forces behind that structure. What is causing that change? Number one, the massive concentration of wealth in a few people’s hands.

But those people- Ambanis and Adanis etc- came up under Congress.  

Number two, complete control of the media as a result of the concentration of wealth

Indira completely controlled the Media but that didn't help her any. The media simply does not matter. Look at AAPs victory in Punjab.  

and number three the lack of production in India.

As a result of Nehruvian policies on which Indira doubled down after 1967. 

So, if you have people working in factories, they can organise themselves politically

but political Trade Unions turned out to be shit which is why Datta Samant rose up. Indira preferred to destroy the Bombay textile industry rather than allow independent Trade Unions.  

and if you can organise yourself politically you can get a counter force to right-wing mobilisation.

Dagenham man voted for Thatcher in 1979. Blue collar workers voted for Reagan precisely because he broke the Air traffic controllers' strike.  

The problem is the bulk of India’s people are unorganised labour so it is very difficult for them to organise.

Congress's INTUC is supposed to have almost 40 million members. Its President is G.Sanjeeva Reddy who is ninety three years old. Needless to say, the thing is completely useless.  

They want to organise, and they understand the need to organise but because they completely separate, they can’t. That is really how to think about it

This isn't thinking- it is shit.  

Rahul also said, in a talk to 'the diaspora' in London

“at the heart of their ideology is cowardice”, mentioning External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s remarks on China.

This is a bit rich. We understand that Rahul refused to take office because he was afraid of being killed like his Daddy and Granny.  

Rahul said, “They have an ideology of hatred,

Rahul hates Modi 


Rahul's Dad unleashed mob violence on Sikhs when he was 14. 

a disrespectful ideology that attacks people because of their ideas.

Which is what this cretin is doing. He says his cousin, Varun, has a bad ideology. Yet it is he who is descended from an actual Italian Fascist. 

You must have noticed one thing. This is in the nature of the BJP and the RSS.

What we notice is that Modi showed courage by going underground during the Emergency. We also notice that the BJP and Shiv Sena and RSS protected Sikhs in 1984.  

If you have noticed a statement by the foreign minister, he said China is much more powerful than us.

Which is true. India needs to reform its military and to build up its economic power. That is why 'Agnipath' is necessary. 

How can I pick a fight with them? At the heart of the ideology is cowardice.

Realism is not cowardice. Refusing to step up to the plate is not courage though if Rahul simply said 'I'm not cut out for politics. I will support some other candidate for the top job', nobody would think less of him. It is his refusal to either shit or get off the pot which has sunk his party. 

Savarkar has written in his book that once he and his friends beat up a Muslim man and that day they felt great happiness.

Nonsense! Savarkar described a fight between school kids. However, the riots of that period were part and parcel of an agitation organized by Tilak- who was a Congress leader. The Nehrus were loyalists back then. Rahul is impugning his own party's actions. 

So if five people beat up a man and one person is experiencing happiness, then this is cowardice only.

In this case, it is simply a lie.  

If you want to fight then  go fight single-handedly.”

This guy hasn't fought anybody. Wanking single-handedly is not fighting. 

“This is there in their ideology and the foreign minister in the country is saying it. You imagine him saying China is stronger than us, we don’t fight with them.

But Modi's army does fight. Furthermore, it has a plan to get stronger and fight better. This cretin is welcome to go fight or wank single-handedly. 

The British were stronger than us, so we should not have fought with them.

Savarkar did fight the Brits which is why they punished him so severely. Queuing up in an orderly fashion to go to jail is not fighting. It is sulking.  

How would we have gotten Independence had we followed BJP and RSS principles?

The same way Pakistan and Burma and everywhere else got Independence. Queueing up to go to jail did not change anything.  

At the heart of their ideology is cowardice.

Rahul's yellow streak is a mile wide. 

That is the lesson for everybody,” remarked Rahul.

There is only one lesson here. Politics is about Governance not ideology. If you can't provide governance you have no place in politics.  

Stating that he had only got better, Rahul said, “The more they attack me, the better it is for me.

Because Rahul wants to be unelectable. Sadly, his dog in the manger attitude means nobody else from Congress should be electable either.  

The more I understand, the more I learn. This is the fight between courage and cowardice. It is a fight between respect and disrespect. It is a fight between love and hatred.”

Rahul does not fight. He runs away. 

Reiterating what he said during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi mentioned that he has come to open ‘nafrat ke bazaar mein Mohabbat ki dukan’ (spread love in the atmosphere of hatred).

He couldn't even reunite his own family, let alone the party. The man is consumed with hatred.  At 43, the world was his oyster. At 53 the guy looks like a demented Saddam Hussein. 

Highlighting his learning experience of the yatra, Rahul Gandhi said, “The interesting thing for me was what the people of India were saying.

The people of India were saying that Modi is the best Prime Minister we have ever had. 


this guy is unemployable 


his 'Yatra' was an expensive exercise in futility 

the concentration of wealth,

in the fine Italian hands of his extended family 

and Mr Adani.

Who rose under Congress and is currently doing deals in Gehlot's Congress ruled Rajasthan 

It is not in the media at all. In the media, we see anger, hatred, and violence. Then we see Bollywood, Aishwarya Rai, Salman Khan,

Rahul is at least a decade out of date 

and cricket, we see all these things. But we don’t see the real issues the people of India are facing.”

The real issue Congress is facing is that Rahul is a useless tosser. 

“We walked for almost 4,000 kms. It was a huge effort. In the first five or six days, I started to ask myself what is my role in the yatra. My role is that whoever came in the yatra, regardless of being rich, poor, young, old, male, or female, I decided my role would be to make them feel when they came to speak to us, that they had come back home.

'Ghar wapsi'? Is that what the cunt thinks he was doing? The fact is Rahul was imitating the 1991 Ekta Yatra of Murli Manohan Joshi. What Congress should have been doing was working out a seat sharing arrangement with regional satraps. 

I told the people who were working with me that listen, we have to respect every single person who comes and he has to feel he has come home and when he leaves he must feel that he has left home. We do not want a political relationship with him, we want an emotional and family relationship with him,” the Congress leader added. 

Sadly, this would not apply to Varun and Maneka whom Sonia had pushed out of the family home. If Congress can ally with the Shiv Sena or back RSS men like Shankar Singh Vaghela, why couldn't Rahul forgive Varun and welcome him back into the family firm? The answer is that Varun has written a book on agricultural economics and his tweets are detail oriented and concerned with current legislative issues. Thus Rahul is afraid Varun will outshine him and take over the party. It is this sort of petty meanness and greed which Sonia was careful to hide from the public. Rahul would be well advised to take a less hysterical tone and show genuine affection to his cousin. 

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