Thursday 2 March 2023

Maadu Meikkum Kanne: Rukmini Vijayakumar

Rukmini Vijayakumar shows a highly naturalistic 'abhinay' which astonishes me for so faithfully recreating the spirit and mise en scene of Bharat Natyam when it was still associated with an Agraharam filled with kids and cows and adventures to some better end than Academic obscurity or impotence.

I copy and paste a transliteration and translation from this valuable site.  

Madu meykkum kanne


Oothukadu Venkata Subba Iyer

Translated by

(This song is written as a conversation between Yasodha and the toddler Lord Krishna)

Raga Sahana


Madu meykkum kanne, nee poga vendam chonnen
Poga Vendum thaye , thadai chollathe neeye


1.Kaichina Palum Tharen
Karkandu Cheeni Tharen
Kaiyil Vennai Urutti Tharen
Veiyyilile Poga Vendam

2.Kaichina Paalum Vendam
Karkandu Cheeni Vendam
Ullasamai Maadu Meithu
Oru Nodiyil Thirumbiduven

3.Yamuna Nadhi Karayil Eppozhudum Kalvar Bhayam,
Kalvar Vandu Unai Adithal Kalangiduvai Kanmaniye

4. Kalvarukku Kalvarundo Kandadhundo Sollum Amma ,
Kalvar Vandhu Yenai Adithal Kanda Thundam Aakiduven

5. Govardhana Giriyil Ghoramana Mrigangal Undu
Singam Puli Karadi Vandhal Kalangiduvai Kanmaniye

6. Kaatu Mrigangal Ellam Ennai Kandal Odi Varum,
Kootamaga Odi Vandal Vettai Aadi Venriduven

7. Priyamulla Nanda Gopar Baalan Enge Enru Kettal ,
Ennavenru Solliduven Yekkamudan Thediduvar

8. Veediyile Baalrudan Pandhu Vilayadugiran ,
Kanne Enru Nee Kural Koduthal
Oodi Vandu Ninriduven

English translation


Oh cowherd darling, I told you not to go,
But mummy, I have to go, please do not stop me.


1. I would give you well boiled milk,
I would give you sugar and Sugar candy,
I would roll butter and give you in your hands,
Please do not go in this Sun.

2. I do not want well boiled milk,
I do not want sugar and Sugar Candy,
I would joyously herd the cows,
And return within no time.

3. There is always fear of robbers in the shores of Yamuna,
And Oh darling, you will get afraid, if they come and beat you.

4. Are there thieves for thieves, have you seen mummy,
If the robber comes and beats me, I will make them in to pieces.

5. In the Govardhana Mountain, there are fierce animals,
And oh darling, if lion, tiger and bear come, you will be afraid.

6. All wild animals would come running, when they see me,
And when they come as a crowd, I would hunt and win over them.

7. When the loving Nanda gopa asks me where the child is,
What shall I reply him and he would search for you with anguish.

8. I would be playing ball in the streets with boys,
And when you call me darling,
I would run and come back.

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