Wednesday, 12 January 2022

The Iyer Curb your Enthusiasm.

 'Decoupled' is Madhavan's tribute to Larry David. It has better production values than 'The Jewish Enquirer' and Gurgaon does look sexier than North London. 

There are some good lines 'Were you called Arya even before Game of Thrones?' and some uniquely Indian situations- Arya mistakes ayahs for hijras on a TV segment. 

What is missing is raucous, foul mothed, Jewish women. Still there is a greater comedic potential of nouveau riche Anglophiles being taken down a peg or two by a deeply religious population. However, unlike in the Korean film 'Parasite'- to which the series makes continuous reference- there can be no doubt that the true power lies with the Hindu masses. The self-absorbed, Amartya Sen loving, economist Dr. Basu fancies himself an artist. Arya invites his driver in to eat the banana which Basu has included in an installation to symbolize the food of the poor (an avocado is for the rich). Meanwhile Basu is sipping wine oblivious to the world as part of an 'interactive installation'. Arya gets his driver to ask Basu to help with his daughter's College admission but Basu has to appear oblivious. So he gets slapped. It seems Indian democracy has empowered the working class but Indian women still can't be as raucous and bawdy as the Hollywood or even North London Jewish woman.

All in all, Manu Joseph has made something watchable and witty. Indeed, there are some gags in it which the Americans might want to steal. 

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