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Hindus against Human Rights- only for Hindus

 Manmohan Singh's daughter, Amrit, is a Yale graduate and Human Rights lawyer who took on the case of a convicted Al-Qaeeda terrorist and led the Americans a merry dance for over a decade without, of course, achieving anything. Still, there is no question that she did something for Human Rights law- viz. showed the thing was a nuisance. 

By contrast, Raju Rajagopal and Sunita Viswanath, the 'Co-founders of Hindus for Human Rights (.org), USA' have achieved nothing because they are stupid, ignorant and seek publicity on the basis of facile virtue signaling. Indeed, it turns out, they aren't for Hindus having Human Rights at all but rather for Hindus being held responsible for alleged Rights violations in which they were completely uninvolved.

Consider their open letter to Hindus published in

Hindus have a special responsibility to denounce hate speech and violence by Hindu extremists

Is this true? No. If some Hindus are doing harmful things then other Hindus connected to them in some specific way may have a responsibility to prevent them from so doing. Denunciation is not required unless it has proven efficacy of this sort. 

Nobody has any responsibility for doing stupid useless shite. 

On New Year’s eve, an open letter to India’s majority community by the co-founders of the Hindus for Human Rights organisation.

Raju Rajagopal & Sunita Viswanath

Who live in a country where Hindus are a minority because it suits them better. 

Dear Hindu brothers and sisters:

No doubt you would have seen the recent chilling videos of saffron-clad Hindu religious leaders from Haridwar and Delhi calling for the extermination of Muslims in India. 

It is unreasonable to make any such supposition. Hindus have better things to do.

You may have also read about the disruption of Christmas celebrations in many parts of India and the increasing threats faced by pastors and places of worship.

But we may also have read about the stupidity and uselessness of Sunita Visvanathan on this very blog. The fact is, attacks upon Hinduism based on some stray incidents are anti-national and harmful to India. We want the authors to find some other way to virtue signal. We simply don't believe that they have stood up for Hindu human rights. Thus we treat with contumely their claim to be greatly exercised over the fate of non-Hindus. 

We hope that you are as shocked and dismayed as we are that such vile acts could be happening in our names.

It is more credibly hope that we will hope these self-publicists will get COVID and die. 

On the other hand, perhaps you are among those who feel that there is no reason for alarm and that these are fringe groups not worthy of our attention. 

These cunts are a fringe group not worthy of our attention. Who is funding Scroll? What a waste of money!

Or, you may be part of that vast silent Hindu majority, who are either ambivalent about Hindu nationalism or are reluctant to speak up.

Or who, for sound historical reasons, think the thing is salutary though, no doubt, they wouldn't want to do it themselves unless they got paid top dollar. 

Whatever be your inclination, we hope that you will take some time in the new year to reflect upon India’s long tradition of respecting diversity and pluralism, as it enters the 72nd year of constitutional democracy.

How about we look at the author's short tradition of being utterly useless? If these nutters are supposed to be harming the BJP- they have failed abjectly. If it is to be anti-Indian- they have succeeded at the margin but that may be more because of their funding or the funding of those who publicize them. 

‘Majority rule with minority rights’

US President Thomas Jefferson,

a slave owner who thought white peeps were better than darkies like the authors

 one of America’s founding fathers, in his inaugural address in 1801, spoke of “majority rule with minority rights” as the essence of a constitutional democracy.

What fucking rights did he give slaves or the indigenous people? It wasn't till 1924 that Native Americans got US citizenship. 

“…bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect...”

So, kids, what have we learnt today? Jefferson, like the authors, was a liar. But Jefferson did useful stuff- at least it was useful to people of his own sort. The authors are utterly useless. 

It was a cruel irony of the time that those famous words were addressed only to the newly independent white colonists, and did not consider Blacks, Native Americans, and women as worthy of inclusion under the “sacred principle.” 

There was no irony involved whatsoever. Jefferson believed he and his ilk were proper human beings deserving of freedom. People like the authors were beyond that pale. 

Suppose my wife says to me 'let us make love.' Would the authors consider it a cruel irony that my wife refuses to have sex with all sundry just because she had sex with me? Perhaps. 

Nonetheless, the foresight of the US founding fathers in protecting the nation against the “tyranny of the majority” and their attention to safeguarding minority rights, have stood the test of time.

There was no such protection. The US grew rich and powerful by fucking up minorities unless it paid better to do otherwise. 

The Bill of Rights, which captures the essence of President Jefferson’s words, is the bedrock of the American dream, which is today conferring equal rights to immigrants of all faiths and ethnicities, including Hindus. 

What about 'undocumented' immigrants?

No one can take those rights away on the basis of the colour of their skin, or the language they speak, or the Gods they worship.

But African Americans are disproportionately incarcerated and a lot of them tend to get shot by the police. 

How many Muslims has America killed or tortured over the last 20 years? Half a million? One million? Who knows? 

On the other hand, America's Christian majority may be able to prevent more and more American women- whatever their own beliefs- from getting abortions. 

But if ever constitutionally guaranteed minority rights were to be stripped away by a democratically elected government, we would be left only with brute majoritarianism, which would inevitably open the door to mass discrimination, violence, and even civil war – as it happened in Sri Lanka after the rights of minority Tamils were taken away overnight in 1956.

This is false. Had there been no 'Burgher mutiny', Sri Lanka would have had a strong enough Army to fuck up Trotskyites or Christian Tamils like Prabhakaran. India got rid of 'minority protection' in 1947. It has done well enough- save in non-Hindu majority areas where there is secessionism and ethnic cleansing. 

Unfortunately, what we are witnessing in India today is not just majoritarianism, but a run-away majoritarianism, which is not only threatening the constitutional rights of religious minorities, but is obliging open calls for mass violence as the solemn duty of Hindus.

This is false. Rahul refused to step up to the plate in 2014. So Modi has been ruling the country. Some nutters may want to continue to pretend that the guy is a Nazi but nobody is listening to them. 

Whether those calls pose an imminent danger or not is beside the point. 

Because the Truth is beside the point for these two self-publicists. 

The Indian Muslim community is taking them seriously, as they must. 

Indian Muslims are more sensible than these nutters. 

The latest incitement is clearly intended to

garner votes for Congress. But Bhupesh Bagha's 'Dharam Sansad' may have backfired. Still, it is odd to see both Owaisi and the BJP are on the same page re. Congress involvement in these incidents.

drive fear and confusion among the minorities and to intensify attacks against them at the merest excuse and call it self-defence – a tactic often used by Hindu nationalists.

What tactics are these two cunts- not to speak of using? 

At this critical moment for Indian democracy, it is important for all of us to ask ourselves, what kind of India do we wish to bequeath to future generations?

One where cunts like the authors emigrate to the US.  

A nation torn by internecine conflicts like in Afghanistan and Lebanon? 

The mention of Lebanon is foolish. It is precisely the special protection given to the Christian minority there which has fucked up that country. As for Afghanistan, it wouldn't be such a shithole if it weren't for Pakistan- and American funding for that rouge state. 

Or a secular, pluralistic – if imperfect – democracy?

These are not the choices available. Lebanon is secular, pluralistic and an imperfect democracy. But that's also why it is a shithole. 

Run-away majoritarianism

For Hindus like us, this is also a moment to recognise that we possess far more power than others to put a break on India’s run-away majoritarianism. In fact, our failure to use that power will not be forgiven by history.

The problem here is that if the Hindu majority can't stop, for legal reasons, those who call for the shedding of Hindu blood on the basis that it is an evil religion, then those same Hindus are powerless to prevent some Hindus following that example. From the legal point of view, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. But this is true of every country- including America. 

On the other hand it is true that History will not forgive these two nutters for suffocating trillions of innocent Nicaraguans by shoving their heads up their rectums. They should at least have denounced themselves while carrying out this atrocity. 

So, as we wish you all a Happy New Year 2022, we humbly offer some thoughts for your reflection:

Why not offer something we would find useful? 

Contrary to what we are repeatedly told, minority rights are not special privileges that are denied to the majority community.

Except in India where that is indeed the case when it comes to educational institutions. 

More generally, Rights exist because obligation holders exist under a vinculum juris. But no right's holder or obligation holder, as a matter of law, is represented by an entire faith community. If a restriction on free speech is constitutional, it must apply to everybody irrespective of confessional creed.

 It is a necessary mechanism under constitutional majority rule to ensure that everyone is treated as equals in the eyes of the law.

Majority rule is irrelevant. Either there is a constitution which grants equal rights or there isn't. 

 In fact, the fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution were heavily influenced by the US Bill of Rights.

It was also influenced by the Constitution of the Soviet Union which is why there is a fundamental right not to be exploited. However, in 1948, the passing of a bill which specifically barred Muslims, but not people of any other religion, from free return to resume residence and property ownership in India.

Hindus are huge beneficiaries of constitutionally guaranteed minority rights in countries around the world.
But not Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan.
 Is it not a travesty that many of them are joining hands with Hindu nationalists in India to attack minority rights as appeasement?
If so, it is equally a travesty that these two cretins are joining hands with the Pakistani ISI to defame and harm India. 

In any case, “appeasement” is not a bad word, as we are often led to believe. 

Like fellatio. 

Indeed, it is the very nature of democracy, as politicians juggle the demands and expectations of various sections of their constituencies. If American politicians are holding back criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in return for campaign funds from Hindu Americans, that too is a case of appeasement.

No it isn't. It is a case of bribery. However, America needs to maintain good relations with India for geopolitical reasons. Sooner or later, America will completely drop this Human Rights bullshit.

Hindu Khatre main hai, Hindus are in danger, has become the new war cry of Hindu nationalists.

But Hindu soldiers have fought wars decade after decade using battle-cries like 'Har Har Mahadev!' No new war-cry is needed. Anyway, where Hindus are in a majority, they have shown vim and vigor in killing those who try to kill them. 

 This is driven by the false narrative that the Muslim population will outgrow Hindus in the near future (“population imbalance” as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh calls it).

This will happen, or has happened, in some districts. 

 But, if you care to look at the census data, you will see that the growth rate of Muslims is actually slowing dramatically, and, at the current rates of growth, Hindus will remain a substantial majority for the foreseeable future.

But they will become yet smaller minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh and so forth. The question is what will happen in America. Will the nature of that country change as non-Hispanic Whites become a minority. 

Laws enacted by Bharatiya Janata Party-controlled states to curtail religious conversions and inter-faith marriages are based on this false narrative of “population imbalance”. 

Not necessarily. Hindus- like Muslims- may simply not want their people to convert to some other religion. 

An important question to ask yourself is how you might feel if a low-level bureaucrat were to someday tell your children or grandchildren whom they can marry and what gods they may worship?

We don't like it when these two cretins tell us how we should think. Perhaps this would not be the case if they weren't as stupid as shit. Still, it's good to know they despise Catholicism whose 'low-level bureaucrats, in every parish, do tell parishoners that it is not cool to pray to Ganesha and also that they can't marry their pet hamster. 

Virtually no Hindu spiritual leader outside Haridwar has condemned the recent hate speech and violence.

Nor have they condemned these two cretins for suffocating trillions of Nicaraguans by cramming their heads up their flatulent greedy rectums. 

 If they continue to remain silent at this time of crisis for India (and for Hinduism), 

and Nicaragua which has been completely depopulated by the activities of these two perverts

then what are we to make of their larger role in society, outside their ashrams and devotees? Doesn’t “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”, the world is one family, not mean anything to them anymore? 

Very true. Our Sadhus and Sadhvis should persuade the authors of this dreck to stop shoving the heads of innocent Nicaraguans up their rectums. 

We must challenge our own spiritual gurus to publicly denounce hate speech and violence against the minorities and Dalits. 

and the rectal suffocation of trillions of Nicaraguan innocents.

There can be no better way to put the brakes on hate speech and violence than condemnation by respected spiritual leaders.

Nonsense! This is purely a matter for Law enforcement. Mahatma Gandhi and a whole bunch of other such 'spiritual leaders' presided over a massive blood-letting simply because the British Superintendent of Police had been dis-intermediated.

We are often told that we are alarmists and that things are not really as bad as we make them out to be.

No. You are incessantly being told that you are stupid, virtue signalling, liars. 

 But please remember that it is easy to be in denial or become complacent when you are surrounded mostly by people like yourself and you are not the target of all the hate. 

These nutters are in a cocoon where they believe themselves to be Mahatmas!

If you live in such a communal cocoon, please challenge yourself in the new year to reach out to a Muslim or a Christian or a Dalit or an Adivasi who has been a victim of hate campaigns and discrimination.

These liars are welcome to reach out to me. Indeed, so are you all. Sadly, I have a horrible personality and thus I am left alone. 

As Eboo Patel, 

another Obama era cretin. His ancestor's 'spiritual leader'- the Aga Khan- supported the Muslim League call for Partition. Now Ismailis in Karachi are afraid of being killed because they belong to the wrong sect. 
author and interfaith leader puts it, the essence of pluralism is not merely tolerance, but a true recognition that there will be times when your self-identity (say, as a believer in ahimsa) may directly clash with the self-identity of your neighbour or friend from another community (say, as a meat eater).

Or a Trumpista who owns lots of guns and is planning to storm the Capitol and kill Pelosi and Warren and so forth.
 A truly pluralistic society is one where we care for one another despite such seemingly unbridgeable differences, in the larger interest of the community that we are part of.

What great care and affection are these two cunts showing for the majority of Hindus in America itself? They fucking love Modi.

Bishop Desmond Tutu, who is no more with us, once said, “God is not upset that Gandhi was not a Christian, because god is not a Christian! 

It is a Christian dogma, that Christ is God. 

All of god’s children and their different faiths help us to realise the immensity of god.”

Unless they kill you first for being a Kaffir. It is no accident that the Boers called Africans Kaffirs. Their Muslim slaves had taught them this word. 

That must be the new mantra of all faith communities in India if they wish to save Indian democracy.

No. Indian democracy is like any other political regime. If it does stupid shit, it will collapse sooner or later. If it does sensible stuff, then no force on earth can uproot it. 

 They must work hand in hand with their secular brothers and sisters who are on the frontlines every day defending religious freedom and democratic rights for all.

Will these nutters work hand in hand with Modi supporters in America so as to detect and combat Human rights violations (e.g. denial of the right to family life for people who have had arranged marriages but whose spouse is refused a Visa) which unfairly affect Hindus more than those of the majority community? No. Of course not. Anyway, these people are useless. Still, if they are holding hands, at least they aren't fisting themselves. Let us leave them to it. 


Anonymous said...

Sir I request you please to address the pressing matter of financial love jihad by Christians against Hindus in United States which recently claimed former National Spelling Bee champion and poker superstar

windwheel said...

I have left a comment on his substack folder. The gentleman does not appear to have received instruction in Hinduism. His wife may have been attracted to him because of his intelligence and celebrity. She seems a woman of character. Which ever type of 'bhakti' she inculcates in him, it will be a change for the better because, it appears, he was putting his health at risk by over-indulgence and suicidal ideation.
My complaint is against people who use their Hindu credentials to attack Hindus and the Indian Nation State so as to get money or reputational benefits for themselves. Also, if any pretty lady wants to do love jihad on me- she is most welcome. Hairy men need not apply. Mind it kindly. Aiyayyo.