Monday 11 September 2023

Jason Stanley still mad at Modi

Modi and Jaishankar's masterly stage management of India's G2O presidency has yielded a victory for the Global South- Africa in particular

. India, Brazil and the US gain from a bio-fuels agreement- which Lula, taking the presidency, will find it worthwhile to push forward, while the new 'connectivity corridor' challenges China's 'Belt and Road'.  On the other hand, the summit has also yielded a victory for Lavrov and a snub to Zelenskiy. Russia is no longer being 'named and shamed'. This signals declining Western investment in an Ukrainian offensive. Currently it appears Biden is pivoting to the Pacific- his next stop was Vietnam- while India is pushing for a India, Middle East, Europe energy and transport link which would benefit both the Saudis, the Israelis, the Italians and those who seek a greener future for Europe. 

Jason Stanley is blissfully unaware of these developments.  For him, Fascism- not nuclear war or climate change- is the great threat facing the world. He does not want Biden to hug Modi because Modi is Fascist.

 He writes in the Guardian- 

In December 2021, President Joe Biden hosted an event billed as a “Summit for Democracy”.

Malaysia refused to attend. The Indonesian leader warned the West they did not hold the patent on Democracy.  Pakistan refused to attend the second summit. Biden got the South Koreans to agree to host the third summit. I doubt it will happen. The Koreans aren't utterly stupid. 

Biden opened his address to the summit by describing his motivation for holding it: “in the face of sustained and alarming challenges … democracy needs champions”.

America needed a President who wasn't fucking senile.  

Since that time Biden has embraced, as allies, autocrats and would-be autocrats all over the world, including the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, who US intelligence has said was responsible for the brutal murder of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Which, it must be said, is why the Crown Prince is the toast of Arab youth. Erdogan is courting him. Biden is irrelevant.  

More recently, Biden invited Benjamin Netanyahu, who is presiding over the destruction of Israel’s democracy by targeting its judicial system, for an official visit to the United States.

Biden delayed the invite. As with the Crown Prince, he has had to back down.  

Biden is right that there is an ever-larger club of backsliding democracies, with the US among them.

Being a democracy is like being pregnant. Either that is what you are or it isn't. You can't backslide or front slide.  

And the American president is not the only openly hypocritical leader in this club.

Why not give up the hypocrisy? Also, has Jason not noticed that the club is totally shit?  

In fact, he is not even close to the worst offender.

No. He is the worst offender. You don't catch Rishi or Macron or whoever it is running Germany talking bollocks about Democracy.  

This September, India is hosting G20 leaders under the banner of “One Earth, One Family,

not the Gandhi Family, though. Shame.  

One Future”. As a part of the transition to India’s assumption of this position,

No. India has relinquished that position. Brazil will host the next summit in 2024. Lula and Modi get on well because they have a common interest in developing bio-fuels. 

Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, has leaned heavily on these themes in promoting India as an inclusive, emerging global power.

India has always emphasized these themes. What Modi has achieved is de-escalation re. Ukraine- which is good for everybody- and greater cooperation in green energy and transport. But to tackle climate change, the global South has to be included in the conversation. Modi has ensured that the African Union has been admitted on the same terms as the EU. 

Yet behind these lofty ideals lies a very different, and dangerous, reality.

Everybody is secretly a Nazi Vampire.  

Those in Modi’s ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP), are hardline Hindu nationalists.

Eighty percent of the population is Hindu while about 96 percent are nationalists.  

Their ideology holds that India was originally a pure Hindu state,

What else could it have been? Any sect which does not avow a foreign origin is deemed to be Hindu. Muslims aren't saying Prophet Muhammad was born in Mumbai rather than Mecca. Christians insist Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem not Baroda. Even the Jews, very politely, correct me when I suggest that Jerusalem is a suburb of Jallandhar. 

with minorities, such as India’s large Muslim population, the supposed result of colonization by outside forces.

This is what Muslim scholars say. They consider the Sultans who conquered parts of the sub-continent to be 'mard-e-momin' who served God by spreading the true Religion.  

The hallmarks of fascism are everywhere.

But Hindu Nationalism in its present form predates the Great War and the Bolshevik Revolution and the Communist threat which produced Fascism. Sonia Gandhi's father was a Fascist- that is true enough. But she married by Hindu rites and is the mother of a sacred thread wearing Brahmin.  

School textbooks are being rewritten

as they were rewritten by Leftists fifty years ago 

to reinforce the fake history behind BJP’s Hindu nationalist agenda.

What fake history? That Jerusalem isn't actually a suburb of Jalandhar? That Jesus Christ was born in Bangalore not Bethlehem?  

Topics like the theory of evolution and the periodic table have been replaced with traditional Hindu theories,

No they haven't. Ideas about evolution are taught in primary school but the science is discussed at a stage where students have the necessary background. The same is true of the periodic table. I may mention that Darwin's theory of evolution helped Hindus and Buddhists prevail over Christian missionaries back in the 1860s. The periodic table confirms 'Samkhya' theory. 

Fascism has no problem with Darwin or Mendelev. It was only in some rural American States that there was opposition to it. Does Jason think 'Creationists' are actually Fascists? Perhaps. The man is a gibbering ape. 

and academics have been silenced for calling out the BJP’s election malpractices.

Fuck off! The guy just shifted to the Gokhale Institute in Pune. Anything he could say from the campus of a private college in Sonipat- rural Haryana- he can say better from a more prestigious Government funded University established 90 years ago. Incidentally, if the BJP is really able to get illegal migrants off the voter list, that is a point in its favour.  

The government has weaponized education in the manner typical of fascist regimes such as Russia.

There would be no point. Education in India just means shit you have to pretend to care about till you get a job or start up a business or, better yet, a chance to emigrate.  

There are other clear indications of India’s slide towards fascism. On press freedom, India ranks 161st out of 180 countries, sandwiched between Venezuela (at 159) and Russia (at 164).

Slovakia scores higher than Germany, France, or the UK. That will be some comfort if Robert Fico, a pro-Putin candidate wins the elections. I should clarify that Fico's previous government fell after the killing of an investigative journalist. Fico believed Soros had conspired with the President to topple him. Crazy shit of that sort does not happen at the Central level in India though no doubt there are districts where journalists do get killed by the mafia. 

Modi and the BJP have proven themselves to be fluent hypocrites on the world stage.

No. Modi has proven himself to be a fluent orator able to enthuse the affluent diaspora. Meanwhile, India's rising economic clout has brought its own rewards.  

Under the banner of anticolonialism, the party is replicating Britain’s colonial practices.

But Britain replicated Indian practices when governing India. It didn't set up a Westminster style Parliament or introduce a Poor Law and Workhouses and so forth.  

In 2005 Modi, then the chief minister of Gujarat, was denied entry to the US because

that's what Manmohan Singh, India's PM, wanted. Once Manmohan fell, Modi was courted by all. But Modi hasn't twisted the arm of the US to ban Sonia on the grounds of complicity in the anti-Sikh pogroms.  

of his role in ethnic violence that left over 1,000 people dead, the vast majority of them Muslims. According to a recently declassified report from the British Foreign Office, the Hindu mobs’ “systematic campaign of violence has all the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing” and “Narendra Modi is directly responsible.”

Fuck would the British F.O know about what happened? Those guys are as stupid as shit. The fact is, no CM conspires against himself by organizing riots on his own watch. You may shit on the desk of a rival at work. You don't shit on your own desk.  

He’s much more powerful now, but the playbook remains the same. India’s minorities face lynchings and the bulldozing of their homes, among other abuses.

 Hindu minorities have been ethnically cleansed from Muslim majority areas. 

Ten percent of the world’s Muslims live in India, over 200 million in all; as Gregory Stanton, the founder and director of Genocide Watch, has warned in a US congressional briefing, we are seeing in India the beginning of what would be by far the largest genocide in history.

So what? Nobody gave a damn about the Jews or the Armenians or the Hindus or the Sikhs. Incidentally, it is America which has killed the largest number of Muslims in this century.  

Jason's tax dollars went towards killing 1.3 million Muslims. He was cool with that. Muslims have a Prophet called Mussolini- right? That's Fascist!

And it’s not just Muslims who are at risk. In Manipur, over 150 people have been killed since May 2023 in a vicious ethnic conflict pitting Hindus against Christians.

Kukis against Meitis. The Kuki started it because of a Court Order giving Meitis Scheduled Tribe Status. They themselves want Hill Councils in the areas where they are the majority. A deal could have been struck. Sadly, a banned Meiti group has crossed the border and started slaughtering Kukis. Is the Myanmar Army involved? What is certain is that there are well armed narco-terrorist groups in that area. 

More broadly, since Modi took over in 2014, hate crimes against minorities have increased by 300%.

Have they fallen against the majority? That's what matters in a Democracy.  

History tells us that this is how it works. Fascism grants the dominant majority special status, targeting national minorities by threatening their equal citizenship.

No. That is how settler colonies work. America only gave citizenship to the First Nations in 1924. Fascism and Nazism were trying to emulate America. They failed. Americans were simply more racist and murderous. That's why Jason's parents wanted to settle there. They counted as White.  

In 2019, India passed a Citizenship Amendment Act that granted a fast track to citizenship for non-Muslims who lack documentation as citizens.

This had been granted in 1948. Muslims who had fled lost their citizenship and property. Nehru was the Premier in Delhi when the Muslim population fell from 33 per cent to just 5.  

The National Registry Act, already implemented in the Indian state of Assam,

the thing was mooted and carried forward by the Bench which also created detention centres. But this happened when Manmohan was Prime Minister.  

is a seemingly contradictory effort to expel illegal immigrants. It demands that residents provide proof of their citizenship in India, essentially a birth certificate, or face expulsion. Yet 38% of Indian children under five lack a birth certificate.

So what? It is enough to speak your mother tongue to show you can't be from East Bengal. Any way, the border is porous. Only those who want to stay in the detention centres do so. 

America deports plenty of Muslims. India does not.  

This tangle of laws exemplifies the blatant hypocrisy of India’s ruling party,

How? It says it is pro-Hindu and is in fact pro-Hindu. Since Hindus don't want to kill or deport peaceful people, the BJP does not do so.  

leaving India poised to disenfranchise much of its Muslim population.

Nonsense! Nobody has been 'disenfranchised'.  

Nor is the problem only domestic. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, India has become one of the world’s largest importers of Russian oil – essentially propping up Russia’s occupation and genocide of its peaceful neighbor.

India imported stuff from America when it was busy slaughtering Muslims. So what? Indians need stuff same as everybody else.  

Genocidal regimes support one another, in an alliance of evil, and the rest of the world must stand against them.

America was built on genocide and has conducted the biggest genocide of this century against Muslims. Modi and India have done no such thing. By Jason's twisted logic, this makes India Fascist more particularly because the country is no longer ruled by the daughter of an actual Italian Fascist. 

So, has the US been listening? The answer is clearly no. In June, Biden gave Modi’s visit a red-carpet treatment. Jack Kirby, a US national security official, has made light of objections to Modi, declaring that “India is a vibrant democracy. Anybody that, you know, happens to go to New Delhi can see that for themselves.” With America’s help, the G20 platforms BJP’s transparently hypocritical embrace of humanitarian and liberal ideals.

The BJP is embracing Hindu ideals which are genuinely humanitarian and which don't involve slaughtering Muslims all over the place or subjecting them to sexual torture and humiliation in Abu Ghraib.  

The US public and their leaders are paying attention, at least somewhat, to Russia’s genocide in Ukraine.

But 2024 is an election year. It appears that Biden is leaning on Zelensky to surrender. America is retreating into splendid isolationism. That's a good thing. Let Uncle Sam devote itself to drone striking American citizens for a change.  

But the collective shrug at a potentially vast genocide in India

as opposed to the actual genocide involved in the war of revenge on Muslims 

(as well as the ongoing genocide in Sudan)raises an obvious concern: is the US public’s standard for this crime much higher when black and brown people face the threat?

The US public has never given a shit about any genocide unless, of course, they were getting rich by doing it themselves. The Bosnian genocide was of interest to Europeans, not Americans. Africans were concerned with the Rwanda- Clinton was wholly indifferent- and Sudan and the Amhara genocides. The Rohingya matter was seen in Dacca and Delhi as a problem created by extremists who had resided in Saudi Arabia and who thought the Burmese would not retaliate if Buddhists, rather than Hindus, were slaughtered. America turned against Aung San Suu Kyi, whom Obama had lionized, thus pushing Myanmar back towards military rule and, thanks to Magnitsky type sanctions against senior officers, more firmly into the Chinese camp. 

Why is the Guardian publishing Jason's stupid lies? I suppose they think they are harming Rishi by blackguarding Modi. But Rishi wants an excuse not to do a trade deal with India (because this would be seen to benefit his father-in-law) which, in any case, the Indians are in no hurry to conclude. The global picture is changing so rapidly that only limited deals make sense. 

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