Monday, 4 October 2021

Parikh's theorem & Finnegan's Wake

Hammering in the type of that Westminster boy beaten by William Blake
Or Parikh's theorem's parturition at Finnegan's Wake
Cancels Reading
Being busy but is breeding. 


Anonymous said...

Please uncle when you get time provide your opinions on our kinsmen Balaji Srinivasan and Sai Deepak. Should Bharat get a crypto constitution to combat CCP manipulations of political economy? If so what is the encryption protocol or chanda in English language for our civilizational values—which side of the Reformation are we on—with the Francophile trad caths and SJWs or the woke WASPs and the Japanese?? Sir Thank you 🙏🏽

windwheel said...

Hi nephew. Sai Deepak has good values. But he is a lawyer arguing a case as it has been presented and therefore must examine the opponent's contentions and refute them. This means he has to employ their own worthless vocabulary. Unfortunately, those fellows are not interested in arguing anything. They just want to point a finger and say 'Fascist!'. Click below for my comment on on article by Sai

Balaji is making money out of a Ponzi scheme. Good luck to him. But Lakshmi may lavish favours on one rejected by Saraswati. I consider him a cretin

India's glorious period was when it was a maritime power. Sadly we continually neglected development of ports and a merchant navy. This means, sooner or later we will fade out of the 'Quad'. Our advantage is on land. We can press China's soft Himalayan underbelly. Our jawans know they can outfight them in that theatre. Demographics is on our side. The fact is 'belt and road' is going to lead to demographic replacement of 'Han' Chinese by peoples more culturally similar to us. So, we are sitting pretty.

windwheel said...

I have been saying 'Mahabharata says there is one dharma for the 'agent' and another for the 'principal'. The former can be theistic (e.g Bhagvad Gita) but the latter must be statistical & 'game theoretic' (Nalophkyanam). As a matter of fact, Indians tended to be ahead in Statistics. The only non-European Research Institute which was copied by the Americans was Indian Institute of Statistics. We don't need to read any worthless European philosophy and hermeneutics- unless we like laughing at stupid pedants. We are very good at thinking mathematically and 'heuristically'. Deepak is an engineer now doing well in law so he can't take the maths route. But we can. Ramanujan showed you can excel in both 'bhakti' and mathematical genius. Just we need to get rid of some prejudices and mutual suspicion- which in presence of any spiritual personality (or just Mother or Grand Father etc) we all do very quickly. In fact Hindus from far apart regions become closer more quickly than we do with those cousins who moved to the posh locality and are now pretending their 'kuladevam' is whatever nonsense Deity presides over the Harvard Divinity School.

windwheel said...

Hinduism- which includes all Indic religions and which has incorporated some Southern China origin and Khmer etc deities and spiritual practices- has from very ancient times provided 'zero knowledge proofs' of a 'Muth Rational' type. This means encryption does not matter because systematic recourse to non-deterministic decision procedures is perfectly valid. This is one reason our religion could be said to be a bit 'hebephrenic' or hypo-mentalist, but it aint fucking paranoid shite about Satan and 'Capitalism' or 'West-toxification' (an Iranian lunacy) or other such shite. Our big problem was naive 'pathogen avoidance theory' leading to stupid gender and caste discrimination. But now everybody in India dreams of having a grandchild or great-grandchild in Medical School, we can't tolerate that stupid shit at all. Endogamous marriage is fine- it solves the 'stable marriage problem'. But 'small' castes will get absorbed by bigger ones. Good. We know that internet can ensure perfect transmission of all spiritual and religious schools so we don't need hereditary specialisation.

India was not behind the West- just some parts of the West but even in those parts there were Indians domiciled there contributing to the advance. We literally have nothing to be ashamed off- except our stupid economic policies and tendency to talk high minded bullshit.