Saturday 3 July 2010

Bhajan Sing!

The Seth had ingratiated himself with the Yuv Raja, by settling his brothel bills, when the latter was a student in Calcutta. Later, after his Uncle, the Maharaja, unexpectedly died and the young reprobate came to the throne, the Seth moved to our State.
Within a decade he had ruined all the merchants of the district, the Scottish Engineer alone- who held the Water & Power contract- being immune to his machinations.
But, the day Mountbatten became Viceroy, the Scotsman called the Seth to him and told him to name his best price. Otherwise, he would sell out to a Marwari concern, Bombay side.
The Sethji scuttled hither and thither, conslulting Congressmen and Courtesans, Astrologers and Black Magicians, but neither slander nor intrigue nor bribed witnesses nor venal agitators could prevail against the Scotsman and his Bombay side, Marwari, connection.
For the first time in his life, the Seth had to pay a fair price for the assets the Scotsman was leaving behind.
On parting from the Seth, the Scotsman looked troubled. There was one thing on his conscience. It was Bhajan Singh- his driver and mechanic. He had planned to take Bhajan Singh with him, to East Africa, where he was relocating.
But without Bhajan Singh's skills, not the car merely but much of the Electrical and Water Pump machinery would soon be useless.
In any case, Bhajan Singh had put down roots in the State. He would go with the Scotsman, whose salt he had eaten, but what he really wanted was to remain behind in his accustomed place and occupation.
The Seth agreed to keep on Bhajan Singh as his driver.
However, within a few short days, the following interchange occurred between them-
Seth- (from the back seat) 'Bhajan Singh, Bhajan Singh- Bhajan sing!
Bhajan Singh- (driving the car) Jo hukum! Woh jo hum mein tum mein qaraar tha..."
Seth- That is Ghazal not Bhajan. If your name was Ghazal Singh then it is all right for you to sing Ghazal. However since name is Bhajan Singh kindly sing Bhajan only.
Bhajan Singh- Sorry, Sethji, I only know Ghazal.

The Seth dismissed him and hired a good Bhajan Singer. Unfortunately he was a bad driver and got involved in a traffic accident in which the Seth was badly injured. Worse, his patron, the Maharaja, was killed. Suddenly, the Seth found himself bankrupt and awaiting trial in prison.
Meanwhile the true culprit- viz. Bhajan Singh- had slyly fucked off to East Africa where, with the Scotsman's help he became a millionaire.

In upholidng our indigenous Gandhian-Socialist tradition of fighting Fuedalistic- -neo-Comprador-Capitalism-with-Tecnnocratic-face, of which no more saintly luminary existed than our late Chief Minister, we should never forget or forgive the perfidious treachery of Bhajan Singh which almost brought that great soul to ruin.

This is true meaning of Democracy. Mind it!

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