Monday, 7 November 2011

Sri Aurobindo & Angana Chatterji

Sri Aurobindo was an Indian revolutionary from Bengal. He was academically outstanding (i.e. as stupid as shit) and ought to have lived a life of great affluence and honor in India under the British. Instead, he became a revolutionary. The British certainly had every reason to put the hangman's noose around his neck. But, they realized that discretion was the better part of valor. Unluckily for them, the Lord God entered Aurobindo at precisely this moment- his private Gethsamane. In any case, Aurobindo- perhaps, this is a Bengali trait- was too high minded to harbor a merely racial grievance or to nurture a purely chauvinistic animus. The Lord God led him down the path of 'Raja Yoga' which is entirely Universal, Ecumenical and totally shite. At a time when Chesterton- who was a few years below Aurobindo at St.Pauls School in London- was bringing lasting shame upon, not Catholicism at all, but rather something we can still see- viz  'Little'-all-too-little-England's parochial, passive aggressive and pathetically self-deluding,  annexation of Rome's Church to serve its own purely suburban Shoahs and Shibboleths- Aurobindo was going in the other direction. In this, he showed true Guru-bhakti for his (and Chesterton's) Head Master who was a great Classicist as well as a holder of Post Graduate qualifications in both the Law (which is about defeasible reasoning re. empirical evidence, rather than a mere pungency of paradox which, though claiming to be Philosophy, is but a Sophist paraphilia ) and Sanskrit (which is about universality and context independence).
Chesterton demanded that Jews in England be forced, by an Act of Parliament, to wear Arab dress. His animus against Hitler's persecution of the Jews arose from it being a Secular stealing of Sacerdotal clothes. Meanwhile, the 'Aryan' Aurobindo discovered the lineaments of the Eternal Mother in an Egyptian Jewess who somehow managed to persuade him to give up brandy and cigars.

What has all this to do with Angana Chatterji? This young sprig of the cultural aristocracy of Bengal, together with her life-partner, (the presumably Jewish) Richard Schapiro, are deeply stupid Professors at a worthless College in California founded upon the fuckwitted principles of Sri Aurobindo.

Both of them have worked tirelessly to highlight their own involvement in highlighting stuff everybody already knows about re. Human Rights abuses, State violence, and the dirty work being done behind the scenes by stupid and cowardly hate-mongers like themselves.

Just recently, both have been suspended from their jobs.
One theory is that it isn't at all because they are shite teachers running a fucking personality cult but that they are a pawn in a game of Diplomatic chess whereby the U.S. govt. is sending a signal to Pakistan by cracking down on its lobbyists in America.
Naturally, the U.S isn't going after the really bad guys involved in terrorism and nuclear proliferation or support for the Taliban who are killing Allied soldiers. The Pakistanis might perceive such a move as an existential threat and retaliate in their characteristically paranoid and over the top manner. So, the U.S is going after soft targets- targets the Pakistanis themselves want out of the way. Angana Chatterji is certainly not someone the Pakistanis want speaking out about Human Rights abuses in the Kashmir Valley. Why? She's a she- that's bad. She's a fucking Hindu- that's worse. And she's fucking shacked up with a guy with a fucking Jewish name!- that's fucking horrendous! This kaffir (or Commie) bitch is working it so the fundamental grievance of the people of the Valley can be fixed within a democratic, rule-of-law framework- such as that which already obtains.
This is unacceptable! Not just to the Pakistani military but also to me personally because True Social Justice will never be achieved until everybody sodomizes the eye-socket of their oppressor while decapitating them as part of their PhD viva.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with your analysis. Are you aware that Sri Aurobindo's younger brother- who received a much longer jail sentence- also became religious but that he followed a Manuvad Brahmin Guru?
Why do you think that Aurobindo was 'Universalist'? He was a devotee of Ma Bharat same as Swami Vivekanada, Veer Savarkar and other great luminaries too numerous for mention.

Dr. Fai is acknolewdged and proven agent of Pakistan and it is because of the illegal riches distributed that current situation has arisen.

I am sorry, this is a legal matter. Nothing to do with writers like Chesterton or your problems of having enlarged breasts and microscopic penis.
Jai Hind!

windwheel said...

@Anon- I looked up Barin Ghosh on Wikipedia to find the Guru you refer to, Thakur Anukulchandra. I don't see any reference to the laws of Manu, bud did find a reference to the French eugenicist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel in the references- viz. Man The Unknown written by Dr. Alexis Carrel (a eugenicist and an admirer of the Nazis), suggested by Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra.
Quite a lot of people on the left, back then, fell for the Eugenics movement- Shaw, Wells and so on.
Dr. Carrel is particularly interesting- a Catholic eugenicist seems particularly paradoxical- he worked closely with Charles Lindbergh who, himself, was the son of quite a Left wing Senator. But he moved to the right when he married into the plutocracy.
BTW my enlarged breasts have been a great comfort to me. My penis is not microscopic at all and the fact that it has not been detected so far my modern science is because it is up your mother's butt to her intense joy and satisfaction.