Monday, 28 November 2011

Is Kiran Bedi a cheat?

Is Kiran Bedi guilty of cheating children as well as donors? Has she fraudulently converted funds earmarked for providing free education for the children of police and para-military officers?
It scarcely seems likely. As with her air-line ticket scam, where wealthy NGOs were charged for Business Class tickets though Madamji herself travelled Economy, all Dr. Bedi may be guilty off is diverting money to  to her own Charities, and here too the ex-police officer's moral culpability is much diminished by the fact that her entire professional life was spent in a sewer of corruption, stupidity, accounting irregularity and blissful ignorance of due process or correct procedure.
Furthermore, she has a Phd in Social Science. How on earth is she expected to understand the difference between right and wrong?
Did she shoot any of the donors in a fake encounter? Did she actually rape or kill any of the children she is supposed to have cheated under the excuse of providing them with free computer training?
If she is a cheat, then the only person she has cheated is Swami Agnivesh. You will remember, this wonderful wizard made Child Labour disappear in India, which is why he has so much free time to devote to other things. Why couldn't she have simply applied the ghotna to his testicles under the pretence of consulting with him on the Lok Pal bill? Why couldn't she have absent mindedly lathi charged the gruesome fellow now and again, just as a form of aerobic exercise?
The truth is Kiran Bedi was never temperamentally fit to wear the uniform of an Indian Police officer of the best sort. I know, I know. There are thousands of very good and honest officers- many with higher degrees and so on- but my stricture applies to them as well.
What is the point of having Police officers, retired or otherwise, involved in Civil Society if they don't get drunk and shoot Swami Agnivesh from time to time? Can't they at least do a cavity search of that Holier-than-Thou asshole if someone in the vicinity loses their mobile or biro pen or something?
Frankly, the British managed things better.

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