Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Christianity and homophobia

Is homophobia, Evangelical Christianity's way of making you its prison bitch? If so, as Liberals, ought we to hold it in such abhorrence? After all, it merely wishes to express its God given sexuality. So long as it restricts itself to sodomising others like itself- e.g. the Tea Party movement- what right have we to object? '


Sanjay K said...

You don't go far enough. The hypostasis of homophobia-as-Evangelical-Xtianity's-anal-rape-of-its-adherents is, like everything else, by the Gnostic doctrine of diacrhonicity, itself the only true Creator, Sustainer, and true univocal Spinozan substance of the Universe.

windwheel said...

That should read 'by Gnostic doctrine-as-diachronicity'. Otherwise, it's sound theology right enough, so congratulations you little brat.

I vividly recall attending Catechism class at St. Columba's back in the mid 70's. Brother Morrissey showed how the 10 Commandments derive from, and thereby gain sanctity, the far more fundamental pre-Heideggerian onto-deontic of 'thou shall not eat in class even if it gives you an extra five minutes of soccer during recess'.

As Simone Weil said (why? I've never understood this) 'perhaps the only sin is to try to eat what one should only look at'.

Sheharyar Sajid said...

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