Monday, 7 November 2011

Myself as Muruga

Unlike the stereotypical Tam Bram male, I myself decided to get married and that too independent of any pressure exerted by parents or  peers.

Still, I was traditional enough to point out my choice to my mother so she could arrange the needful.

'Those two,' I said, 'They will do. Kindly expedite."

Mother's brightening face suddenly darkened, 'But Vivek, due to Hindu Marriage Act, you can have only one. So choose.'

I was horrified. The fat one was more affectionate- giving me kisses and hugs. But the small thin one had big eyes and told stories, quite senseless, yet exquisitely Tamil.

At least, that was how they normally were. Having to compete with each other, both adopted the wiles of her rival. The fat one was suddenly  fluttering her lashes and reciting filmi dialogue. The thin one, in a manner unbecoming her bony figure, waxed importunate of unwarranted intimacies.

'What for this head-ache?' I said, 'Better than either bint is the broad road of Brahmacharya'

Hearing these heartless words, both belles fell dead on the spot. I picked up a stick to to poke them with- as indeed is right and proper and laid down in Scripture. But, Mother said 'crows will come just now only to feast upon their corpses. May also try to peck out your jewel like eyes  whose scintillation has been the death of these two young beauties.'

Saying which she picked me up and carried me away. I then saw a Peacock- but it didn't want to play.

All this happened in the grounds of Queen Mary's College in 1968- same year I left Madras never to return.

Siddhanta- Muruga is correctly equated with Kumara and me both.

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