Monday, 28 November 2011

F.d.i in retail

India, not England, was a nation of shop keepers. Crap shop keepers- gandhis ( a gandhi is a green grocer or perfumer)
India sold itself to England- Seths financed the East India Company- but was paid back with only a small percentage of its own money that it tendered as 'nazrana' . Within India, every caste or creed is about selling your own children into slavery. Warna nazar lag jayega.
The Kirana 'small shop' is a case in point. It is based on exploitation of your own children in order to build capital. But, in India, capital gains of this sort are heavily taxed by the corrupt rent seeking Babu/bandit nexus.

Just as productivity gains have to be made in Agriculture, if Industry is to thrive, so too productivity gains are vital in the pocket retail sector.
I recall walking miles in West Delhi without a cigarette because the kirana stores didn't do tambaku (Sikh fanaticism?) Nor was I well treated by them despite being a large, well spoken, middle aged gentleman wearing an expensive Italian suit.
These little fuckers were looking down their nose at me. Clearly, they need a healthy dose of competition.

The kirana owner cringes to his regular customers but for obscure caste based reasons treats strangers like me like shit. Why? Fucked if I know, but I think these cunts are part of the fucking Indian caste shistem.
Fuck them in the face. They are cunts and they know it.

I have watched Indians being driven out of retail all over the world. They just don't do service. The owner is never around. Th sullen idiot niece or nephew or whatever thinks being rude makes them look good. I notice they tend not to do it to Whites or African people. But, these little shits used to try to be rude to me. I would spend a little time explaining why they were fucking worthless cunts. They were pleased. I had acknowledged that they were too superior to be in retail. Needless to say, Indian retail is a story of strategic bankruptcies- i.e trade creditors being fucked- and real estate gains.
In this country, the first Parsee Lord was, that reckless and relentless self-promoter, Karan Billimoria of Cobra beer. While he ran things, he never made a profit and ended up in administration leaving his suppliers in the lurch. Once in partnership with a proper company, Cobra is making a profit. Why? The Whites understand the retail side. Indians don't. Retail is about understanding what the customer wants, not building patronage networks.

What do the Kinara shops do? They are essentially very cheap distribution arms of Wholesale shite Shite merchants.  The owner is hoping to make his money on real estate which is why he don't fucking care about customer service. These guys need a fucking bomb up their arse.

Indian retail, its Malls, are fucking crap. Absentee landlordism or what? Reliance can't do retail- it can do nothing but fuck the State. Of course, its blindingly obvious, we need FDI in retail. But more than FDI we need foreign Management and M.I.S of retail. Not joint ventures- nobody is going to fall for that any more.

The shit-heads monopolizing everything need an exit strategy-i.e. a way to get money out of India. Also there are merchant bankers who need to cheat some naive foreigners. In other words, business as usual.

But, FDI is necessary. There are good business models out there- not so much names you've heard off but global presences nevertheless- whose Business Model will slash India's retail price inflation.

Also, they will enable the kiranas to spread their wings and start to sing in, that best of Gharanas, the Kirana.

 Kirana shop owners, like money lenders, have non-fungible knowledge. Rationalization of supply chains, or credit lines, helps not hinders them- though a large bunch of them deserve to go to the wall because they refuse to stock what people want for obscurantist, caste based, reasons.

India can't afford to remain a nation of Indian shop-keepers. Indian shop-keepers are shite. When they have to compete with English shopkeepers they suddenly turn polite.
Put them against the best in the world and they will fucking change their spots.
But- Gadkare Sahib- they will still remain deeply shit  in their hearts as is required by Indian Religion and Culture and Gandhi and Nehru and Hazare Ji.
Which don't matter coz they got no hearts.

Fuck Kinaras- they are casteist shite. I know, I know- your own little guy is very obsequious to you. That's not good business, that's feudalism. Don't be a cunt. Let it go.

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