Saturday, 22 January 2011

Why Von Mises is irrelevant to India.

Von Mises, like Wittgenstein, was an assimilated (indeed his father had been ennobled) Austrian Jew loyal to an incompossible Empire.
As he point out, in his 1919 work 'Nation, State & Economy", the Hapsburg Empire had no further legitimating ideology, or principle of coherence, other than the claims of the ruling dynasty.  He says-
'in the last forty years of its existence, the Empire was, with a few transitory exceptions, more or less anti-German and often draconically persecuted relatively harmless utterances of German national sentiments, while far sharper speeches and deeds of the other nationalities enjoyed benevolent toleration, the state-supporting parties among the Germans always kept the upper hand. Up to the last days of the Empire the Germans felt themselves the real champions of the state idea, citizens of a German state. Was that a delusion, was it political immaturity?'

India, today, from the perspective of the U.P.A, looks rather like the Hapsburg Empire. It coheres because it is the inheritance of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. The only anti-national forces that are to be 'draconically persecuted' are Hindutva outfits. Indeed, according to Wikileaks, Rahul Gandhi is said to have denounced home-grown Hindu extremist groups as a bigger threat to India than Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba and Muslim militants during his conversations with US Ambassador Timothy Roemer.

As a matter of fact, what Mises does not mention is that it was the Jews, not the Germans, who were the most loyal of the Hapsburg subjects- German irredentism was not the inconsequential schwarmerei he took it for.

Indeed, Hitler's main selling point, in his Mein Kampf, was that the Hapsburgs used their alliance with the fuck-wit Kaiser to quiet their own German population- in other words, Germany wasn't to blame for starting the War- them Slav-loving Hapsburgs were. This was the one original thing Hitler could add to the program the German Army was paying him to publicize and agitate towards- viz. the 'stab in the back' theory- i.e. the Army didn't lose the War at all. What actually happened was, some random Jewish guy, running late for Shabbos, mislaid it and then lied about having ever had the thing in his possession in the first place, shrugging his shoulders and rolling his eyes in that way they have and like totally getting in your face when taken to task saying  things like 'yore Momma so fat... my wrist watch is what I lost fisting her- howsabout you get in there and get it back for me- hunh?."
Which is not to say that Count Schlieffen and Eulenberg and the Kaiser an all the other assholes at General Staff, including the always ludicrous Ludenndorf, weren't all a bunch of tutu wearing, gay, clockwork toys ceaselessly buggering each other till their brains turned to shite.

In the end, Hitler almost pulled off the dream of the Austrian German Nationalists- viz. enlisting Prussian military might to maintain German dominance over Slavs in the former Hapsburg territories.

Since the more clear eyed of the Austrian Jews- even those who started off as Pan-Germanists like Viktor Adler- ultimately saw the writing on the wall- Prussia might be safe for Jews, but a truncated German Austria could never be so- vide  Schonerer, Karl Leuger and, actually, a whole bunch of self-hating  kravatenjeden silly-arses- so these guys wanted some Socialist Utopia- where Universalism would replace Nationalism, or else they wanted a Night Watchman State, such that no collective was cognizable and only Individual Economic agents remained. Since stuff like Order and Respect for Private Property was crucially dependent on States not getting up to the sort of shenanigans that States always get up to- so, like, mebbee?, the Gold standard and no fiat money and other such Karl Kraus krankishness might strait-jacket the State such that its Power only exercised itself to curb its own burgeoning.

Von Mises was one such twat- a long lived twat- one, moreover, associated with two of the most repellent and long tonguedly self twat battering female nutjobs in history- viz. Ann Raynd and 'Alan' Greenspan- but he intended no harm to India specifically, as opposed to America- so R.I.P bro- as for Israel, you wouldn't have liked them horny handed sabras anyway- and like fuck they'd have touched your shite.

If India breaks up nicely and sweetly, like sugar cubes dissolving in tea- Von Mises is relevant to India. It won't. This is a mother fucking catastrophe waiting to happen.

Mises didn't do mimetics- mirror nuerons- he didn't understand States, he didn't understand people- but he was a survivor. Think Brunlo Betthelheim who parlayed a PhD in Aesthetics (which he only got coz he was so mother fucking ugly that the girl he liked insisted he get a Doctorate coz otherwise people would have said she only married him  for his money) into some sort of Psychoanalrapist role buggering the brains of Moms of autistic kids (Mom's place is in the wrong).

Does Von Mises have admirers in India? Deeply silly ones,  yes.
My advice to them- get out while you can.

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