Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Turigen, Theism and Elon Lindenstrauss

Tuirgen is a Gaelic word usually translated as 'investigative birth seeking'- in essence, it is the notion that the soul reincarnates as all other souls without any change in what actually happens- this in turn gives rise to the notion that higher levels of consciousness consist of seeing all other souls as being one's own soul at a previous or future level of spiritual development such that though no life history is altered, the 'karmic' result is different on each iteration of what Nietzche called 'eternal recurrence'. In ergodic theory, Poincare's recurrence theorem deals with the time for a dynamic system with conserved Energy to cycle back to a certain state (or close enough to it). Indian concepts of pralaya and so on could be viewed as being similarly motivated.
The big question for Indian Theists was how to make room for God when karma was sufficient to do all the heavy lifting.
Perhaps, the Indian fascination with Combinatorial number theory arises from this.

A few months ago, President Patil presented the Fields Medal to a young Israeli Genius- Elon Lindenstrauss (his father is the co-author of the Johnson- Lindenstrauss lemma)- who ' has made far-reaching advances in ergodic theory, the study of measure preserving transformations. His work on a conjecture of Furstenberg and Margulis concerning the measure rigidity of higher rank diagonal actions in homogeneous spaces has led to striking applications. Specifically, jointly with Einsiedler and Katok, he established the conjecture under a further hypothesis of positive entropy.'

Does anyone else think this is suggestive?

Or is it rather the case that Life is what constrains us to the idiocy of evolution?

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