Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tiger Mommy vs. Panda Dad

Amy Chua is a Professor of Law at Yale. She has written a book proving the superiority of Chinese Mothers- who beat and humiliate their daughters, presumably while driving- to Western Mums. Except, that's just hype. The truth is, Amy was a wimp and chickened out once her younger daughter hit puberty and got the weight advantage.

I need hardly mention the great superiority of Indian mothers to Chinese mothers. Notice that neither of Amy's two daughters are Professors of Anything Anywhere though both are already in their teens.
An Indian Mommy would have ensured that her daughters received PhD's while still in nappies and gained tenured Professorships by the time they could walk.
But only if married to a Panda daddy.

What is a Panda daddy?
A corpulent, idle, brain-dead, hereditary Indian politician who has dozens of  N.G.O's and Colleges and Co-Operatives and so on under his patronage.

Poor Amy. All that effort- and for what? So her kids score well in Math and play Mozart?
Compare her to Sonia. Better than being a Tiger Mommy, she married a Panda Dad.

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Anonymous said...

You fail to mention the benefits of breast-feeding- widely heralded as the next big fad in Personnel Management and likely to be incorporated into E.U labor law.
David Cameron, for one, has sought to forestall a possible rivalry with his Chancellor of the Exchequer- of the sort fatal to Tony Blair's Prime Ministership- by breast feeding Osborne three times a day, much to Nick Clegg's envy and frustration.