Saturday, 1 January 2011

Subramaniyam Swamy- Nutjob or Narada Muni?

I've just found out that the Japanese banned meat- at least that of 4 footed animals- for almost a thousand years. Thanks to Buddhism, they concentrated on slicing each other up with Samurai swords rather than chomping down on steaks with a fork and knife. Then, as part of their post-Meiji westernization- which pretty much put the kybosh on their deeply spiritual cultivation of internecine bloodshed-  they sought to popularize meat in a bid to improve the national physique.
I don't know whether Dr. Swamy eats meat- his unrelenting pugnacity suggests otherwise- but I do know he doesn't drink.
This I consider a national tragedy.
This was a very bright, very precocious, lad growing up in the arid atmosphere of post- Independence New Delhi's politico-bureaucratic wasteland, for whom drink was incumbent as a religious duty- like that of Balram, picking up his wine pot and his plough and walking away from the Kurukshetra conflict- except our hero never got that far into Hinduism, preferring a Harvard already utterly alien to true Purushartha, let alone Artha Shastra.

Had Swamy spent his adolescence getting into drunken punch-ups with all and sundry, his natural combativeness might have mellowed, permitting his undoubted talents to have had a less damaging impact on Indian politics. In saying this, I judge him on no evidence other than that he himself supplies on the Janata Party website.
Reading his articles, a picture emerges of a very bright, very brave, but fundamentally confused man who devoted his life to a style of politics that was but the sowing of a confusion worse confounded.
In vernacular Spiritual traditions, Narada Muni, the Sage Narada, is divinely gifted- in that he receives the vision of the Lord in youth- but this blessing is also a blight for he is doomed to remain without that vision for the remainder of his mortal span. This double aspect of Narada- precociously blessed to be but retrogressively blighted- is, perhaps, the source of the notion that Narada spreads mischief wherever he goes- as must any talent that too early and too consummately flowers- for, transcending its roots, it has no further function save as Eris's fruit.
This is not to say that Dr.Swamy was himself like unto that apple of discord for which the Hellenic Goddesses  jealously contested- though to read his articles, Swamy, deems himself so- all yearn for him and disclose their true desire to him alone. Indira needs him as a sort of tutor to her kids, Kamaraj wants him for the Tamils, JP needs him as a way out of the dead-end of Sarvodaya and a return to politics, Morarji needs him as a counterweight to the drunkard Vajpayee, Charan Singh wants him because he wants to become a Brahmin, or at least get his book on the Harvard Econ Reading list, Chandrashekhar needs him because he wants to become Prime Minister and only Swamy can bring that to pass, Rajiv needs him because he needs to be defended against his cousin Arun and ... and...actually, it turns out, Rajiv needs Swamy to defend his memory against everybody, including that K.G.B agent, Sonia, and that L.T.T.E agent. Priyanka, and ...urm...everybody and everything because you see Rajiv wan't using Swamy- No! Perish the thought! In fact, nobody ever used Swamy. Not Deng Xiao Ping when he invited Swamy for a meeting in 1981- don't you know Deng only wanted to hear Swamy's beautiful Chinese phonetics (child's play to him because he'd learned how to say 'Aiyaiyo!' from his dear old Mum) & this had nothing to with China's recent drubbing at the hands of the Vietnamese, or their need for a Trade Deal and World Bank money and so on- no, it was to hear Swamy's- Aiyayo! so beautiful no?-  Mandarin that Deng communed with him. But, you can be sure, Swamy was quick to squeeze Deng into the concession of a great strategic advantage to India- yes! permission for a couple of hundred Hindu pilgrims to make the trek to Mansorovar in Tibet! Don't you see, this was the greatest triumph of all! Every one knows Chinese are ruthlessly suppressing Buddhists, but see! this clever Brahmin has scored off against those silly Shramans like that Dalai Lama chap!
This wouldn't matter if Swamy had used his guanxi to make money promoting trade and industry and so on. But, Swamy tells us, he isn't into money. That's all very well, but those guys from the P.R.C, they are big-time. 
The way the Chinese and the Indians start getting along is through guanxi- everybody making money- that factory owned by the P.L.A, this bogus Defense Housing Colony on our side- that's when you have an 'all weather' relationship- look at the guanxi integration of Musharraf's Pakistan and the P.L.A-  the kidnap of some Chinese hookers triggers an Army raid on the Lal Masjid! (why? Its a guanxi network that runs from Generals to Triads to the local massage parlor or drug trafficking long distance truck driver) I know, the true story might be quite different- but the fact that the Chinese nationality of the hookers was played up as an explanation for Army action tells its own story.

I'm not saying opening up the Mansarovar teerth was a bad thing. In fact, religious tourism is something both countries can really work together on- precisely because of the quick profits from prostitution and fucking over those 'immoral' tribals in order to rape the environment and so on.
The fact is, China isn't in the business of giving India any thymotic breaks and will retaliate swiftly against pi-jaw- but corrupt guanxi relationships are a different matter.
But Swamy couldn't be the point of contact because (I believe) he is clean.
More is the pity. Ties between Nations arise in the same manner as Karmic ties- not by duty done and integrity maintained- but by lust and greed and intoxication and delusion.

But precisely because Swamy never got over his infatuation with the great pi-jaw peddlers Gandhi, J.P and so on- he never understood Artha Shastra- actual Political Economy. Nor, to my mind, did he understand what the Paramacharya was trying to open his eyes to.
What to do? Indians are like that only.
The irony is that, later on, China invited the next Kanchi Sankaracharya- an honor they denied even the Pope!- and the reaction was- See! Swamy has truly served Hinduism! You may say, he 'used' the Chinese- but, the fact is, he just so damn intellectually superior, it's like a law of Nature!
True, some ignorant fellows in South Block whine that it was a propaganda coup for the Chinese- they were showing how tolerant they are of all Religions- and, as for that invite to the Shankaracharya, that was the final straw which precipitated the crisis which put the fellow in jail- but, actually, that was all karma you know. Nothing to do with the Chinese being able to run circles around 'clever-clever' Brahmins like Nehru and Swamy- not at all. Why would you even suggest it? Oh, I see. You didn't get a PhD from Harvard at the age is 22. Well, you're just stupid aren't you? Shut up and go watch a Jayalalitha film.

It's still not too late for Swamy. Someone send him a bottle of black label and tell him its Ganga jal or cow's urine or whatever. Once he's had a few, mention to him that if Manmohan really didn't act malafide because, as an Economist, he didn't know from Law- then how is Raja guilty? The guy don't know from Econ, mechanism design- evolutionary game theory and Ken Binmore and such- which Manmohan does know about.
But Swamy's P.I.L and tactical slanders are nothing but 'champerty and maintenance' (okay, I know shite from Law), the arch-intriguer is intriguing again on the behalf of parties even more worthless than those he has previously, so futilely, served.
Fuck is wrong with him?
What's your verdict?
Nutjob or Narad Muni?


shiela said...

Rothbard's law- economists tend to specialize in what they're worst at.
One thing you can't deny. Swamy has a first rate brain- he handles all his legal cases himself.
He was twenty years before his time. Just imagine the impact he'd have had if the Internet was around when he starting his political career.
On balance, I can't agree with your verdict.
India needs people like him.

windwheel said...

Narada Muni once affirmed the superior expeditiousness of 'Samrambha Yoga'- the Yoga of wrath, of hate- Swami is Sonia- united to her by Virodha Bhakti- she would not be in power except for his ruinous machinations.

Some years ago, there was a story about Rahul raping some dehati Cong Party apparatchik's daughter. To add versimilitude to the allegation the phrase 'aided by foreign collaborators' was added.
What was the result? Our boy was shown in a good light- at least he can rape some Cong. Worker's daughter- albeit with Western help.
Rahul's credibility went up a notch.
Swamy, telling us Sonia killed Rajiv off and Priyanka too was involved, is saying 'the woman is Durga Ma!' She inherited the throne in an entirely legitimate way, by killing and eating her husband.
Moreover she is a KGB/Vatican agent- i.e she will eat those entities as well- her tongue is thirstily hanging out to lick up all their blood!

What does Swamy want? This silly Narada is not a Vaishnav- he is a Sakta.
For the sake of his private worship, he is deforming the true shape of the Indian Polity.

Anonymous said...

Your points against Swamy are taken entirely from his web-site. If Swamy was a genuinely vain person, he'd have got somebody else to write the articles- or to do a biography.
He is a senior politician and it is quite right for him to advertise his experience and qualifications to guide the country.
Reference to 'Narada Muni'is not relevant.

Anonymous said...

There is no human who has no erred. Dr Swamy displays rare courage amongst Indian polity of cowards. Do you realise the stakes if DMK retains power in Tamil Nadu in wake of Sadiq Batcha's mysterious death. We have 100 crore nincompoops in this country you have been hoodwinked, swindled by Congress dispensation for 60 years. Dr Swamy fought defianty during Emergency. There have been death threats but nothing has stiffled his spirit. Frankly likes of "windwheel" deserve contempt for insinuations against Dr Swamy

windwheel said...

@Anonymous- 'you have been hoodwinked, swindled by Congress dispensation for 60 years. Dr Swamy fought defianty during Emergency..etc.'
Swamy did not 'fight defiantly' during the Emergency. He did a little grand-standing, parlaying an inflated ego and an already fading glory as a precocious scholar into a 'Narada' like position in Indian politics. I say 'Narada' on the basis of the picture he paints of himself on his Party's web-site.

On his own evidence, it was he not I who 'was hoodwinked and swindled by Congress' with disastrous results for the Indian polity during the 90's.
He says that Kamraj wanted him to come back to Tamil Nadu and devote himself to it. But, he was only interested in grandstanding on the National Stage. His involvement in Tamil politics has been entirely mischievous and done nothing to educate the masses or mobilize Civil Society for decency and good governance.
His reckless disregard for the truth and foul calumnies rebound upon his own head.
By his machinations and through the karmic aashrav of association with him, the Kanchi peet itself has been tainted by scandal.

But why am I wasting time talking to you? A fucking anonymous nitwit of a cockroach like yourself is incapable of understanding anything. Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

My comments contd:
permission for a couple of hundred Hindu pilgrims to make the trek to Mansorovar in Tibet! {I bet you to get a chocolate from the Chinese if they give it will be laced with arsenic, you shameless pig, somebody assist in enabling Hindu Piligrim to go to Mansorovar, nobody will like to take up a cause for this country with bashers like you around}
Don't you see, this was the greatest triumph of all! Every one knows Chinese are ruthlessly suppressing Buddhists, {Yes, Dr Swamy has taken the contract of addressing all the aggressions and sinister Designs of China, get yourself a booze man Punjabi peg man, blue label will not give you a high. Dalai Lama is no saint he is an agent of New World Order, scroll the web before you make your blatant one liners, China is no saint but it has strategic reasons to annexe Tibet and suppress Buddhist, don’t you know the maxim might is right. }

Anonymous said...

[Someone send him a bottle of black label and tell him its Ganga jal or cow's urine or whatever.]

LO muthafookin L!

Son Mars Mother Earth said...

Mossad Swamy has a first rate CRIMINAL brain. No sane human has the time nor the stomach to go down and digest Swamy's level of debauchery anywhere. He's the slimiest liar and the worst hypocrite I've ever seen. He has proven NONE - I repeat - NONE of the charges he put forth against anyone. Unfortunately for you douchebags, hero worship seems to be the only national pastime. I can imagine the impact in the situation you mention, India would have been ruled by more Sabhlok types. India would have been fucked up big time, and all you Hindi Hindutva douchebags would be prostitutes, probably working for the army or for Mossad Swamy LOL.

Son Mars Mother Earth said...

And I guess you'll be servicing Mossad Swamy and the Army as a male prostitute LOL. No wonder India lags behind. Curry fuckheads like you doing hero worship of a slimy inhuman character like him, an utter disgrace to us Tamils, are the main reason everyone mocks and spits on Indians.