Thursday, 19 November 2020

Socrates' second best

 That it but Economia veils, Anaximander's unblinded Mind prevails,
E'en as Akrebia's afflatus fails Philosophy's flaccid sails
Put to like test, I, Socrates' second best, decry
Why ply the oar when the Sea is dry? 

Prince! For inaccessible to its dreamer, Sense's incest with Sensibility,
Our Grothendieck Universe is doomed to indefinite extensibility

Because names name things whatever names we might call the mystics
Ockham's parsimony is but Chatton's chrematistics


For of Slytherin the sorting Hat of its own inaccessible Cardinal
Truth's Trilby, One's Nun's twat of Apeiron Ordinal.

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