Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Sola Fide Incestum

To Fear- All Fathering Nyx's notions or Hecate's potions-
Holding dear, by a but obstinate usury of the emotions,
Grace is that Favor fleeing which Love's Elect
Damn Faith to Incest e'er re-select 

Prince! Petrarch gelded were a mesazōn Palamite
Thy Posterity- alazôncatamite.

 Antarabhava, in the womb, Barzakh in the tomb, or Metaxy- from Theosis
Saves Sola Fide, by being but Nothos to its Khora's Gnosis.

Pray Thy Son is a bastard or all Love a bitch
 Thy Metochites Poor, or God dead in a ditch.

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