Sunday, 20 January 2013

Najat ka talib aur Sayujya Mukti

Higher than perfect Union with the Divine
Is a loaf of bread, a Jug of Wine
& a fat chick with such low self esteem
God bought a Time Share in my dream

It is well known that the goal of Illuminationist or non-Dual theosophy is greatly to be abhorred- salokya-sarsti-samipya- sarupyaikatvam apy uta diyamanam na grhnanti/ vina mat-sevanam janah-“My devotees do not accept salokya, sarsti, sarupya, samipya, or oneness with me (sayujya)—even if I offer them liberation- 
because they greatly prefer serving me.” (SB 3.29.13)- so too,verily, is the Gnosis or Theophany of the adepts of askesis- kaivalyam narakayate- which is no better than the condition of a hell dweller.
Yea, for sooth, the Supreme Lord, bored beyond tears by the assiduity of his (admittedly shite) servitors, delights most in Time Share Salesmen because how can that not be a good deal- right? It's like an investment which grows in value the more you bunk off work and get shit-faced at some real trashy 'resort' which, like you actually own, that's the beauty of it. Also they give you a real valuable present- like a big Screen TV, or maybe a genuine silver plated dessert spoon or other classy stuff like that just for sitting through a presentation. 
And they say, Maya does not exist!

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