Monday, 14 January 2013

Mark Lynas vs. Vandana Shiva

Mark Lynas spent a lot of time campaigning against G.M food. He has now recanted his former beliefs in a hard-hitting, if not wholly factually accurate (Chernobyl equated with an E coli outbreak from organically farmed bean sprouts?) speech here.
The great Dr.Vandana Shiva quickly slapped Lynas down- probably mistaking him for a gang rapist- and made several very telling and false points about like how plants are being sexually harassed and subjected to torture and beating if they don't pay outrageous dowries and that Earth Democracy is being violated because, though in India such rapes don't happen, they are happening all the time in Bharat due to the plants are all being systematically brainwashed and modernized and wearing jeans and talking to boys and going to cinema- chee, chee- that is what is called Gene modification, innit? They are modifying the jeans for making free-show so naturally the plants are all the time being gang-raped. Good plants wear saree and keep big bottu on their head. Bad plants are getting their jeans modified for showing off their buttocks to all and sundry.  It is so disgusting. This Lynas fellow is nothing but a pornographer due to he is wanting all nice good saree wearing Indian plants- even brinjal!- to start modifying their jeans. You just tell him, I will give him one tight slap, I say! You know 250,000 Indian farmers have COMMITTED SUICIDE because of the unbearable shame of seeing their plants wearing all these modified jeans and talking to boys and going Cinema and other such Godlessness.
Mind it kindly.
Dr.Vandana Shiva speaking out against G.M rape.

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