Thursday, 27 September 2012

Spivak's 'aesthetic education' as inducing Schizophrenia

Why is this fucked?

Globalisation can only happen with Capital & Data?- I see, so Gayatri Spivak is not a human being. She is a function of Capital & Data. She didn't parley a Calcutta education into a Columbia Professorship. All that really happened was a transaction involving Capital- the loan she took to go do Post Grad studies in the States- everything else is just data.
Gayatri is wrong. There is no 'Globalisation' without people- metics- moving from one place to another. Data & Capital can't do shit. An Indian Chemist working in the States in the 1930's gets a better offer from the Soviet Union. He goes there. He doesn't transfer 'Data & Capital', he fucking goes there and unlike 'Chatto'  wasn't killed but thrived and got married to a local lady and had real cute kids and was still alive when my Dad first went to Moscow.
It's a great pity that 'unanalysed projects'- like your or my life project- come into existence simply because 'the information is there'- i.e. there is a market and 'limited arbitrage' (Chichilinsky) opportunities- i.e. Life Chances- increase. But, that's just wrong coz it's like crowd sourcing as opposed to 'real' Democracy like they got in Korea- not Gangnam style Korea but the other truly Democratic Republic North of the 38th parallel.
  Why would anybody want to 'learn the double bind'- i.e fuck up kids big time- and why is a fucking Prof. at Columbia saying this is a good thing? Is Spivak fucking mental? No. She is lying. What she does next is contradict everything she said in her opening coz she's writing for A.D.D fuckwits and they won't notice.
 This is the true Globalisation- not shite about Capital and Data- but lying and cheating- i.e. the Evolutionarily Stable reason for the persistence of the Kantian aesthetic- i.e. the sublimation, by way of Gesture Politics, of a conjectural 'moral sublime'- and Gayatri is still getting away with it. Which is cool coz it's opportunistic i.e. Human.
I recall a conversation with my sister back in 1977. Dad had just been posted to London and wanted my sister to switch from St.Stephens to a Brit University on the grounds that her subject- Eng Lit- was probably better covered by people who actually spoke that revolting language coz they liked it or actually knew it as opposed to just teaching it to earn a fucking living.
Sister- we can't go to London. They hate us darkies there. Paki bashing is all the rage. I read about it in the International Herald Tribune.
Me- yes, but the Brits are stupid. When they say 'die Paki scum' we can just look over our shoulder and say 'Pakis? How dreadful. Oh, I see what you mean. Chase that damn coolie down that fog filled side street why don't you my good man, or men, or whatever. Tally Ho.'
Sister- I don't think that would work.
Me- Why not?
Sister- well, you see, Globalisation is about Capital & Data. St. Stephens, Delhi, is a lot better than that Black Hole in Calcutta that fucking worthless cunt Gayatri Spivak crawled out of. She has been plagiarizing my old lecture notes from like when I was in Nursery School all these years. All her fucking royalties should belong to me only. Mind it kindly. Aiyayo.
Me- Yes. What you say is irrefragabily veracious from a post-Kristevan perspective as well as in accordance with Spiderman Comics special issue No.1442. But the true fault lies with David Cameron. That boy aint right. Mind it kindly. Aiyayo.

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