Sunday, 2 September 2012

Max Muller

The Race's childhood in the Veda's page
Or aught, not cant, in Kant's senile rage*
 Time ne'er lost what Max Muller found
An Orient Sky but beneath the ground.

*Gerhard Lehmann observes, in the first fascicle, Kant's retreat, caused by his declining health, from the discursive development of an argument. Instead, Kant concentrates "more and more on one point," by incessantly redefining Transcendental Philosophy. A series of redefinitions that, as Lehmann puts it, finally become "enigmatic" when Kant determines Transcendental Philosophy as "galvanism" (AA XXI, 133, 135) and comes to see its principle in "Zoroaster" (AA XXI, 156).(27)

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