Saturday, 15 September 2012

Post Feminist Colonialism.

Wikipedia tells me that 'Postcolonial feminists criticize Western feminists because they have a history of universalizing women's issues, and their discourses are often misunderstood to represent women globally.' This is a very important point. I am a Western feminist myself and have a history of universalizing women's issues which is linked to my heavy drinking and consequent incontinence. No one stands in greater need than I do of some nice Postcolonial Feminists to come round from time to time and criticize me for universalizing women's issues in a manner such that my discourse is misunderstood to represent women globally. Why are Postcolonial Feminists failing in this duty towards me? What is my CRIME that they neglect me in such a callous and unfeeling way? Don't you know my ovaries are hurting? Maybe I am being subjected to Psychic RAPE by the Logocentric Hegelian gaze? Do you know I never recovered my figure after the birth of my son? My ex-wife did- the bitch- but what ABOUT ME? 
As a right-wing Hindutva blogger I have been forced to commit SUTTEE thousands of times- in fact every time I light up a bidi. CAN SUCH ATROCITIES BE PERMITTED? 
The need of the hour is a proactive Post Feminist Colonialism which can tackle such terrible crimes and injustices.
Jai Hind!
( Vivek Iyer is the author of 'Fat is not a Feminist issue- Penis size is'.) 

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