Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ontology, South Park and the turd in the microwave.

South Park's Imaginationland trilogy solved the problem of Meinongian objects- at least within its own topos- but what does it mean to say that South Park will soon be off the air?  Its last episode, till Fall, yielded the Erigenan epiphany that all things that are are shite- turds in the microwave to be precise- but did so by foregrounding itself as shite. But this raises the problem of what doing Ontology does to that Ontology once done. Especially if its completion and being done with Ontology arises out of its being done with itself- like that turd in the microwave previously referred to.
True, South Park isn't yet off the air- and only once it is will the episode under discussion acquire the property it ascribes to itself- but since, in a sense, every subsequent episode will be posthumous and done after being done with itself- it already is because it isn't.
In this sense, South Park exorcises by backward induction its own hauntology and possibility of deconstruction thus becoming truly outside ontics and hence purely deontic. But precisely for that reason- i.e. its being done with its own topos by having previously solved its own Ontological question- its metaphorical method is turned to pure Metatronics.
In this sense, already, every one of its episodes is that Elijah whose return, in the curious syntax of the conclusion to the Old Testament, turns the hearts of fathers to their sons and the hearts of sons to their fathers, lest God strike the land with a curse.

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