Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Emergence, Occassionalism and Reverse Mereology

If Imam Jafar as Sadiq's concept of 'takvin' is understood as Emergence- in what relationship might it stand to the Ghazzali brothers' Occasionalism and causationless poetic aetiology?

Perhaps, in an Occassionalist Universe, Emergence becomes the fundamental intuition, not of Time- for Time, here, is mere heteroclite seriality or jeitzeit juxtaposition- but the Brouwerian 'two-ity' which provides the basis of an acausal Constructivism, a Mereological metric in which, bizarrely, the part exceeds the whole because, every possible emergent in which it might participate becomes its choice sequence and knight's tour of a more ample dimension of freedom in alam al amr, whereas the emergent's  indifference curve between ingredient mixes becomes a constraint upon what amr can express in alam al khalq.

In this sense, then, the glory of the Ghazal is its reverse mereology or, salva veritae, reverse Tzimtzum; its turning of theodicy on its head- not justifying God's ways to Man, but making Man, making haecceity, interesting to God and inflationarily expanding the scope of His amr. 
But only apparently. Hence its pathos. Which actually makes it kinda cool.

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