Saturday, 28 May 2011

Recovered memories of sexual abuse by my ex- wife

Continuing my series of harrowing revelations about the infernal fires in which my poetic sinews were forged, I am now willing for the first time to discuss the sexual abuse I suffered at the hands of my ex-wife.
The material I will present is of a highly shocking and upsetting nature and, as such, should not be viewed by anybody.

'Fuck off you work-shy loser!'-my ex would say to me every time I reproached her for sexually abusing me, thus compounding her original crime which was to describe my sculpted Tam  Bram torso as featuring 'fugugly man boobs' reminiscent of her great grand mother's wrinkled dugs as  glimpsed on family beach vacations.

The term 'fugugly',  is the sandhi form of fuck+ugly and hence clearly qualifies as being sexual (id est the employment of the word 'fuck') as well as abusive (ugly- which I'm not at all, it's just you need to view me through like 3D glasses or a blindfold or something. ).

Personally, I blame David Cameron who is perfectly happy to spend millions fighting... urm... whatever in Libya but who remains wholly indifferent to the sexual abuse suffered by Tam Brams, like myself- except ofcourse there is no second Tam Bram like myself- not to mention the terrible racial discrimination I've suffered from members of my family.

Camerono delenda est! That boy aint right.

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