Monday, 23 May 2011

Spivak, Guha and reading Singur as the trajectory of the sodomised subaltern

Often considered the Prolegomenon to a non-Transcendental Critique of Post Colonial Reason, the celestial invagination of Queer Theory by its own apotheosis as Singur begs the foundational problematic of the trajectory of the ex ante sodomised subaltern's contingent heriot liability as boustrephodonic epistemic praxis masquerading as scription- especially the script for 'Cougar Town' which, as I started to tell you in my my last post,  is based on the real-life shenanigans of elderly Mamiyars back in T.Nagar during the early 70's, except you then went and said, enna galatta? everybody knowing already pa! which is why I'm now trying to sex things up a bit by mentioning Ranajit Guha- reigning star of Vienna's Gurtel Road Red Light district (nobody told him Red Light didn't mean Communist Illumination)- and gaining a new audience for my anecdote by linking it to Post Colonial theory.
You what? No I didn't know Homi fucking Bhaba already done a book about it.
Fuck you very very much!
Personally, I blame David Cameron.
That boy aint right.

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