Thursday, 12 May 2011

Impossibility of a non hegemonic capabilities approach.

Amartya Sen's 'Capabilities' approach to Welfare Econ, is an attempt to free the notion of 'rational scrutiny' from  
Gramscian hegemony in its widest sense. What this means is that Sen is still doing ideal state Rawlsian shite but allowing for a phenotypal polymorphism of preferences able to generate additions to both the 'general facts' as well as menu of theories of Justice which Rawls permits his little puppets in the 'original situation'.

Typically, Sen adds some distinctions without a difference and shifts goal posts and confuses the issue so as to make himself both un-operationalizable and holier than fucking thou and your big brother and your fucking six foot dad who is like totally gay- check out the way he cleans the car- and like, I was born in Shantinekan yo! Big ups for the Nobel laureate say what what?

Why is Sen Capability crap?

It's either shite or non shite. Suppose it's non-shite. In that case Sen-a-pods will be hegemonic re. acceptable methodology for establishing what constitutes 'rational scrutiny' and can generate the agent's Capability calculus.

Not a problem if everybody could just download it and reconfigure their cognitive wet-ware to optimize the operation. In which case an empirical test could be made. The Capabilites approach would need no bully pulpits. It wouldn't be Gramscian, in the sense of empowering a class of shite academo-bureaucratic cunts.

But coz Capabilites is about second guessing- that too with no reflexivity which don't cash out as pi-jaw- it will always do so.

Hence a non-hegemonic Capabilities approach is a mirage.

Which don't mean to say Sen-a-pods don't work a treat on intellectual anal retentives whose highly compacted faeces haven't already combined to constitute this fucking Fascist availability cascade- or shit storm- thanks to which, in India, the starving we shall always have with us.

Unless, Narendra Modi becomes P.M or something equally scandalous.

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