Friday, 27 May 2011

My harrowing tale of racial discrimination in the U.K

Ever since 1977, when I moved to the U.K, I have experienced horrendous racial discrimination and stereotyping from ignorant and bigoted members of my Tam Bram family.
Mother- 'Just take my purse and spare my life! Oh. It's you Vivek.(Damn, that boy is dark!)"
Father- 'Do you see that fellow walking up the road? There goes the neighborhood! Oh. It's Vivek. (Damn, that boy is dark!)"
Grandmother- 'Aiyayo! idha worru Kaurrupu Vijaykantha ah? Oh. Vivek daan. (Damn, that boy is dark!)'
Elderly Aunty- 'Hey sexy, you wanna Calypso! Oh. It's you Vivek. (Damn, that boy is dark!)"

Now to add insult to injury, I am also having to deal with sexual discrimination by a distant nephew who hosts a portable apps Developers' forum. Having mistakenly added an extra a- turning my name into Viveka- while posting a help request, I suffered the great indignity of having that bigoted little shit of a nephew of mine accuse me of being a blonde air-head of substantial boobage who has no business meddling in Software matters!

Where will it all end? Is there no Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela or Anna Nicole Smith Hazara who can eradicate the twin evils of racial and sexual discrimination towards me from the heads and hearts of my close relatives?

Personally, I blame David Cameron. That boy aint right.

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