Thursday, 1 July 2010

Whale cum

I was inspired to write this poem after a visit to a learned Lacanian Sufi/Buddhist ascetic, whose doormat, rather than spelling out 'Welcome' bore the impress of the ejaculate of the largest of marine animals thus pithily prompting the seeker-after-truth to question the whole of Sassurean linguistics- not the axiom of categoricity merely.

Morality is blind Samson’s pillar
& Immortality the Mind’s caterpillar
Of Barzakh’s butterfly dream
& Bardot’s Thodol scream

Which is another way to say
Isthmus ’twixt my salt tears & such wine sweet as she appears
Might not this Iyer write Sufi shite today?
Or must Pico fucking monopolize Gay?


windwheel said...

This was extracted from an email-
Is your blind Samson- Geoffrey Sampson- questioning the 'axiom of equal complexity' which- priding yourself on 'inaccuracy and obliqueness of mind' - you call 'the axiom of categoricity'?
I suppose the two could be related- the latter the basis for the former. Still, this isn't a poem, I preferred the other one from a few days ago about- well I'm not sure what it was about- but it seemed heartfelt.

windwheel said...

I'm responding to a comment from a private email which I extracted and posted above.

No, I did not know about Geoffrey Sampson.
My point is language, like linguistics, is not a lingusitic phenomena- nor is it the mind's potted plant.

Its just another variety of the shit Heaven rains down.