Monday, 26 July 2010

The war against Poverty should be waged like the war against Terrorism

Let us make no mistake, pace Arundhati Roy, in confronting the Naxal threat we are fighting two wars- a war against Terrorism for which we are eager and well armed as opposed to a war against Poverty for which we are unprepared and pusillanimous.
As Christopher Hitchens has pointed out, to truly fight Terrorism, we must regularly sodomise it and make fun of its penis. However, there are important cultural and historical reasons why, in the Indian context, fucking Poverty in the ass while saying 'you like that don't you, you little retard, say you like it you fucking retard bitch,' is felt to be transgressive of widely held social and religious norms.
Yet, it is a matter of common observation, that battling the evils of entrenched Casteism and institutionalized misogyny, has always involved fraternization between antagonists for recreational sex, drugs and rock & roll.
Why should this paradigm not be extended to the war against Poverty, Corporate Greed, and Jennifer Aniston coming on like time has stood still and she's still hot?
These are important questions- vital questions- which, as per usual, the pseudo secularists of the Media have no interest in raising.

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