Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Religion and Democracy- what Mahatma Gandhi actually said.

It is not often that I find occasion to quote Mahatma Gandhi approvingly in this blog.

This is what he said to Romain Rolland-
"Since Religion is like one's own Mother, the only two possible things Democratic Politics can say about it are almost equally offensive- viz-
(1) 'Your Mom's a ho and her ass soooo fat'
(2) 'Far from being a prostitute, our Mother is a beautiful, well educated and cultured virgin, my continued pimping for whom confers such inestimable benefits on the commonweal that like just elect me already .'
"Personally, I prefer (1) coz a Mom can be a ho with a big fat ass without ceasing to be a good Mom- which is the only thing that matters, unless your name is Oedipus.
"The problem is, if you vote for people who call your Mom a ho- it emboldens them to make you their bitch."

The question we must ask ourselves is must this always be the case? Might not the defect lie in indigenous democracy as opposed to that imported or imposed under the rubric of 'when America fucks you in the ass, Democracy is the reach-around'?
Only time will tell.
Monsieur Rolland informs me that he is available to speak to Primary School Students in the West London area till the end of the week.
I trust the Local Education Authority will lose no time in snapping up so distinguished a public speaker.

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