Saturday, 10 July 2010

Motto of the N.R.I

voh phuul sar chaRhaa jo chaman se nikal gayaa
izzat use milii jo vatan se nikal gayaa

(Mast Kalkattavi)

'That flower adorns Beauty's head which from the garden was plucked
Honored is that native who off slyly from his native land has fucked"

The motto of the N.R.I- all the more hilarious because the cunt is a weed not a flower.


Shiela said...

What is that couplet from Sa'di-

'Sa'di, love of the Home land is enjoined indeed
But who remains there to grovel in need?'

vivek said...

Sa'diya hubb-i-watan hadithist sahih
na tu-wan murd bi-sakhti ki man in zadam