Friday, 26 August 2016

Ucalegon & Deliberative Democracy.

Ucalegon, proverbially, is a neighbor whose house is on fire. His uncouth cries may well disrupt the august proceedings of Deliberative Democracy. Thus, by the McKelvey-Schofield chaos theorem, there is likely to be an overlapping consensus among all 'agenda control' seeking agents such that procedural rules are adopted to stop up our ears to Ucalegon's piteous entreaties.

One easy way to exclude Ucalegon's cry is to eagerly demonstrate impotence- i.e. divorce Deliberative Democracy from any Executive function or Judicial competency.  Indeed, to escape McKelvey's result re. agenda control, deliberation must restrict itself to a dimension orthogonal to policy space. However, rational agents- as opposed to antagonomic blathershites- no longer have an interest in participating in such deliberation.

As for the rest of us- poscit aquam, iam frivola transfert ucalegon- we might cry out for the fire brigade's salvific jets of water, but are better employed carrying our trashy little possessions away to some unpeopled Cumae & its Oracle of indifference.

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