Friday, 20 May 2016

Rodrigo Duterte & Contested rent-seeking as a Polya process

Consider the following-
'In his 1989 monograph Tullock dismissed explanations for absence of large rent-seeking losses in mature democracies other than the need for surreptitious indirect political redistribution. In his 1993 Shaftesbury Papers monograph on rent seeking, Tullock’s position changes. Comparing the all-is-maximally-efficient-inpolitical-redistribution view to explaining the role of interest groups (Becker 1983 and 1985) with the approach of Mancur Olson (1965) in The Logic of Collective Action: Public Goods and the Theory of Groups, Tullock endorses Olson, who highlighted the difficulties of mobilizing members of interest groups into collective action. Along with no social costs of rent seeking, the Becker model has no recognition of the internal costs of organization of rent-seeking groups. Considering in some depth what some years before he dismissed as a doubtful argument that “almost instantly occurs to the average economist” (p. 6), Tullock now emphasized that rent seeking is a collective activity that is subject to freeriding behavior of group members and he concluded that this is rather fortunate ‘since this undoubtedly reduces the total amount of rent-seeking activity and mitigates the resource cost to society’ (Tullock 1993, p. 53). 

Why is the above fucked?
Well, contested rent-seeking, being inherently congestible and subject to race hazard, is bound to give rise to a market for Credentials which 'mature democracies' subsume under the rubric of Paideia or Public Justification Discourse or some other such obvious Ponzi scheme or Epistemological swindle.

Recall, the term 'rent-seeking' first appeared in the literature in connection with  Indian autarky and Turkey's hindi mangal Thanksgiving to Attaturk for getting a head-lock on Gandhian Khilafat and ensuring it stayed permanently dangal mein mangal fucked. Clearly- though this only became clear to me after Rodrigo Duterte's Presidential victory- truly 'mature democracies' want the Zika fucking impredicative virus of 'hindi marangal'- id est,  them dishonourable scum, or 'piss-poor protoplasm', Dirty Harry shoots before they can dishonour more innocents- to be fucking eradicated not fucking protected by contested rent-seeking, credentialised 'Human Rights' Law-fucking-iyers or morally cretinous NGO's.

Well, if turning Knightian Uncertainty into Samuelson Erodicity is Schelling focal- or if self organizing networks have good load balancing properties- then, if markets aren't segmentable according to a possible public signal, contested rent-seeking must be equally congestible for all Ackerlofian signal providers. Thus, it must be a  Polya process- which ensures every outcome is equally likely over a given time frame- and, as a corollary of equal congestibility, something like Braess's paradox must arise- i.e shutting down an avenue reduces aggregate transit time.

In this context, 'Mature Democracies'- i.e ones which are already optimally, i.e. E.S.S-wise,  Tiebout sorted-  pitilessly shoot vectors of degenerate mimetic solutions in the fucking head.

Otherwise, Democracies cease being mature, or doxastic steady states are not democratically implementable.

This does not mean you should shoot people like me- i.e. worthless Economystic psilosophers whining about how we iz black but not the big swinging dick type of black-  in the head.

Micturating mightily upon us, however will soon moderate our ideological fervour.

Mind it kindly.

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