Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Amergin, Badavagni & Horace 1.5

Pyrhha, thou named for Fire and her in whose loins our race survived
The Flood, what lad, laved in odorous lotions, hast thine ardor revived?
tho' Comically Pimpled
Who, crushing a couch of roses, supposes thy coiffed elegance contains
for so Cosmically Simple
All Memorious Gold till only Ocean's Maelstrom remains

& of changed Gods and Winds and Tempers of the Sea
He too complains, as if tuirgen too were me
Whose brine soaked weeds as offering votive
Furnish this Wall & Deluge its motive.

नमस्कुर्मः प्रेङ्खन्मणिकटकनीलोत्पलमहः-
पयोधौ रिङ्खद्भिर्नखकिरणफेनैर्धवलिते।
स्फुटं कुर्वाणाय प्रबलचलदौर्वानलशिखा-
वितर्कं कामाक्ष्याः सततमरुणिम्ने
चरणयोः ॥१८॥
The dark blue effulgence of the gems in the
anklets of Kamkshi create the impression of the dark blue sea. The red colour
of Kamakshi’s feet  appear to be the conflagration
of deluge (badavagni) on the surface of this sea. The radiance from the
nails create the impression of foam causing whiteness of the sea. May our
salutations be always to that redness of Kamakshi’s feet.

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