Monday, 11 January 2016

Subramaniyam Swamy's 'Krishna' offer.

I thank God I've always been ugly, stupid, hateful or just plain barmy
The exact opposite in every way of Subramaniyam Swamy
Whose Vishnu is the colour of the winning vervet's Scrotum
Tho' but upaashruti is ergodicity's Kunti Totem.

1) Vervet monkeys have a lot of blue skin, but most of it is covered by fur, However, the male scrotum is hairless and the bright blue colour is visible from almost every angle, and is interesting to other males who come to examine it. Brain and Gartlan reported that when a male vervet falls in rank, the bright blue fades to a powdery blue or sometimes turns completely white. This colour change takes about two weeks. I enquired what the colour is due to, and was told there was a blue pigment in the skin. This seemed interesting as it might reflect a reaction of melanophores, possibly mediated by some hormonal change in the blood supply. John Price.

2) The word totem comes from the Ojibway word dodaem and means "brother/sister kin".

3) UPAaSRUTI. a supernatural voice which is heard at night revealing the secrets of the future.

4) Krishna- he whose skin is black. Kunti- biologically, she is the paternal aunt of Lord Krishna but was adopted into a different Royal family. Still, the Lord discharges his duty to his cousins in the affectionate manner of a maternal uncle. Nevertheless, he does not take sides- except by reason of omniscience and an overriding duty to protect humanity.

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