Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Samadhi's Wine

Since Poetry can only distinguish from Homo Erectus
Those who Salt the Mine of their own Prospectus
Nor can Pneuma, Saqi, extinguish Nomos' Rebirth
For Samadhi's wine, delve Dark Earth.


Son Mars Mother Earth said...

Good afternoon sir! I uploaded Siva Gnana Bodham Verse 2 after some time of intense work and the trauma that followed.


I can't make out what this poem is about. May I know what it conveys?

SMME / Iniyavel Sugumar.

windwheel said...

How can we distinguish Homo erectus from Homo Sapiens? Antropology has found some skull measurements and so forth but still there is a lot we don't know. Poetry distinguishes 'poets' from 'ordinary people' not by any objective criteria but by the cunning of the poet in 'salting the mine'- i.e. putting gold samples where the Inspector will find it, thus creating the impression that the Mine is very profitable. The Inspector's Report will feature in the Company prospectus and thus the Stock Market will give it a high valuation.
In other words, we can't say - 'this must be the Holy Book because the poetry is so divine!'- because poetry has no internal touchstone or 'swan's feather' to separate water from milk.
What about Yogic Askesis- e.g. Breath control or other Mystical practices? Some people have completed all that but their message is corrupt and reactionary. Indeed, 'Pneuma' (Skt. Praana, e.g. in Pranayama) which is the Greek word for Spirit, ceased to be associated with the struggle for enlightenment and became the ossified vehicle for Byzantine priest-craft. Religions arising out of 'Breath control' type Askesis- including Buddhism- have the demerit that they very quickly become vehicles to class power for a narrow coterie of priests and dynasts. Their 'Nomos' -Laws- though having a different origin, soon become identical, except more vicious in application, then the naked tyranny that went before.
The irony is- we don't know if any particular sectarian or yogic practice can indeed release from re-birth but we do know we can change the Laws and the way they are administered so as to improve the lot of weaker sections of Society. Indeed, technological progress can only occur if this change is made. Yet, again and again we have seen 'pundits' and 'poets' claiming that they can release from re-birth or grant paradise though, at the Secular level, all that happens is that Tyranny is reborn.
For this reason, I say to the Saqi- wine pourer in Sufism- for the wine of Samadhi it is not enough to dig up some long dead Yogi (they are supposedly still alive but in suspended animation which is why they are buried not cremated) but 'delve Dark Earth'. This has two different meanings. Pots of wine were kept cool by being buried in earth. But also- just as there is a Sun beyond the Sun lighting up the back of everything (Chandogya) so is there an invisible 'Dark Earth'.

Son Mars Mother Earth said...

Very interesting. I really like the explanation for this poem. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it. Thanks!

SMME / Iniyavel Sugumar.