Saturday, 30 May 2015

Managing Water Resources- beards vs beavers.

Activists have long known that the reason we are so profligate in our use of aquatic resources is because we tend to gender water as feminine.
Just as small children are less likely to eat hard boiled eggs which sport a luxuriant mustache so too will mandatory beards and sideburns for all water and water derived products go a long way towards putting us on the path to sustainability.
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    Small children are equally unlikely to prefer hard boiled eggs sporting feminine pubic hair. Aquatic products should not reinforce gender stereotypes by sporting beards and side-burns. Beavers alone can ensure proper management of water resources.
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    Alok Jha may be young but he is not a small child. Beavers are unlikely to put him off.
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    A naive assumption. Just because you prefer a beard to a beaver on your face, don't jump to conclusions.
    Kejriwal's mustache has made water scarce even for VIPs in Delhi. Haryana's water which used to flow towards Delhi, attracted by Dixit's beaver, no longer does so. Demand side of the equation is also unbalanced- the mustache makes people want to shower more frequently.
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    The circularity of your argument is typical of the Climate Change deniers.
    You think Kejriwal's mustache is a symptom of the problem- fear of beaver is causing him to economize on water for shaving- HOWEVER BEAVER ONLY EXISTS DUE TO REVULSION CAUSED BY MUSTACHE!
    Kindly do a proper General Equilibrium Dynamic Simulation before posting ignorant comments here.
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    General Equilibrium models can't capture Red Queen co-evolved complexity.
    Beavers do pose a threat to maintaining elderly wood- but that wood will be lost any way.

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