Monday, 27 April 2015

A threnody for Oberon Waugh- by an Indian changeling

Like every whilom Conspiracy against the Common Weal
Class is a gradient we too gratingly feel
Pitiable is Vatsalya, by stealth, to hoard
A Heritable Wealth, Mums scant afford

Ilk to what Columbus sought and Da Gama found
 Recking not restive Tuatha De underground
Phantom gelt, a Faerie Queene
A Virgin yet so her abortions preen.

Friendship, we are counselled to, for but Fathers, feel
So Devotion, bare, blazon Karma's burning wheel
Fate Ixions fake propter quia patrem
So 'Monstra, Saqi, te esse Matrem'

Prince Auberon! too briefly tho' your wit had play
For three decades it kept Old Etonians at bay.


  1. Good evening sir!

    Is this your own composition? Are you writing poems to challenge your English counterparts at this mature age? Just asking...

    Anyway, I have uploaded a new post, the first in a 12-part series on the most revered Saivite texts, Siva Gnana Bodham.

    I'll post more as time goes by. I do not want to overload and dump everything right away. I just had the thought, and I started it just a few minutes after the thought emerged.

    SMME / Iniyavel Sugumar.

  2. Hi Iniyavel, great post- very thought provoking.
    We have elections coming and I'd doing a bit of volunteering- tiring at my age.
    Currently the Govt here is in the hands of 'Upper Class' 'Old Etonians' and ordinary people are feeling the pinch. Evelyn Waugh and his son Auberon, though appearing to be on the side of this Upper Class, actually made it more difficult for them to keep their grip on power.
    Religion can have a role in Politics if it inculcates Vatsalya or Maitri- maternal affection or friendship- however, Power Politics poisons its own mother- Auberon's mother died, essentially of a type of neglect, at the age I am now- early fifties- and yet this tragedy somehow did not register either on Auberon or his many readers.
    Just as one must learn not just to befriend one's own father but also one's own aged mother- no matter how much we love her and are devoted to her- so too, in Political Economy, we must see that Friendship is the condition under which Love can pass away so as to assume a new form freer of anava mala.

    1. All the best for the best result for the UK to come about in this election. Hopefully the party you support wins the elections! And ordinary people get relieved of the pinch. I have an idea as to how tiring it would be for an old man to work hard, though I'm only 22. I sincerely hope your efforts pay off well.

      SMME / Iniyavel Sugumar.

    2. 30 years younger than me! I was married by your age and about to become the father of a son. I worked hard from 17 to 28. Used to be quite thin. Then in my thirties, I relaxed and put on weight. My parents worked much harder than me even in to their late Seventies! The truth is, if I didn't go to the Gym, I'd be a diabetic or something by now. People used to say 'reading books makes you lazy'- at least I used to get exercise of going to different libraries and hunting for book. Now the internet spoilt me completely.
      Thanks for your good wishes.
      All the best.

    3. Thanks a lot sir! Back then, the social structure was a lot different than it is now. The Internet is a big problem for any now, after alcohol in Tamil Nadu. But now I am seeing revolts against TASMAC, and I am very hopeful. I do run daily, since my family has a history of heart problems. I used to lift weights when I was 14 or 15. I'm more interested in learning different skills than physical work, but the latter is essential in my case for a healthier future. I do not want to land up with heart trouble.

      SMME / Iniyavel Sugumar.

    4. Kerala has banned it, why not T.N?
      One wealthy friend of mine who was a MLA said he only get elected because of 3 B's.
      1) Bottle of Rum
      2) Mutton biryani
      3) Brahmin bashing slogans. (He is married to an Iyengar and gets private darshan from half of the Swamis and Sankaracharyas in India!)
      Why give up weight training? Long run it will benefit you more. At least do pull ups and push ups every day. Tamil men are designed by Evolution to die quickly whereas (because Grandmothers contribute greatly to overall Reproductive success) our women are not.
      The two ways to beat this curse are
      1) being underweight- impossible for me because I like my food
      2) using your brain and walking a lot- this fools 'Prakriti' into thinking, maybe, you are a Sadhu
      3) lifting weights. Since older men can't run as fast as the young but, often, can cling on to muscle strength, they may still be useful to the community.
      God bless in any case.

    5. Options 2 (using my brain) and 3 (weightlifting) are possible for me. I will surely do them. And yes, I will start lifting weights as well, since I used to do them a lot more in the past. I must do it again... AND I WILL. I do run everyday and I will add more. Kerala and Gujarat have banned alcohol. Only TN has it running and NOW MAKING 30% OF THE STATE INCOME! Many industries have dumped and left the state. It's now looking more like the present post-apartheid South Africa. Crimes skyrocketing, unemployment rising, rampant corruption, no electricity till last year end, high prices of commodities. It's now a dismal Marxist shit hole compared to how it was progressing till 2011.
      I agree Tamil men have a short lifespan. Ayurvedic and Siddha medicinal systems would help to sustain at least that short lifespan. And yes, I do not drink Coke/Pepsi or stuff anymore, I stopped them around 7 to 8 years ago. And I reduced my eating last year.

      SMME / Iniyavel Sugumar.

    6. I really hate the hypocrites who run to Swamis and also bash Brahmins. There's no point in it. At least I hope they focus on more realistic problems as I have highlighted here in the future:

      The problems I have highlighted there are very much verifiable and undeniable. I am surprised no one else has bothered or dared to expose this onslaught going on. Or I'm not sure if it is Taboo.

      SMME / Iniyavel Sugumar.