Thursday, 16 October 2014

Telegony is Ulysses' Price

I'm tired of Civil apologies for Criminal views
Descrying Crypto-Zionists in but Credentialized Jews
Who, compiling our Chrematistic Chrestomathy
     Are Sykophántēs to Sophia's sociopathy

Apollo's Sabbath at the Omphalic shrine
Its but builders keep; tho' drinking wine
Who die not young yet know joy
Only as Trophonius' shabes goy

Dick, the first vagina you issued from
Has as hymen this Jungle drum
Telegony is Ulysses' 'Price
'Equation' or Nietzsche nice

Your Genidentity flee else our Gestalt
Is Hannan consistent- oy gevalt!
& tho' the Universe perish, Opportunity's spume
Is Regret's diminuendo's stave salt of doom.

 Prince!  All call it a wizard wheeze
To fuck Aeon's arse while yet it freeze.

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