Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Arvind Kejriwal- first post poll interview.

Interviewer- Arvind Kejriwal, you are the acknowledged master of the wild accusation. Yet you did poorly in the recent election. Why was that?
Interviewer- That's right. You can't say anything because you aren't really here are you? The fact is Arvind Kejriwal is actually a 17 year old Chinese boy living in Beijing. His mother shouts at him 'Stop with this Aam Admi Party nonsense! Crack a textbook for Mao's sake. Examinations are round the corner.' He replies 'No! All I care about is Lok Pal!'  Mother replies 'You are agitating your Lok Pal (it's a Chinese word, look it up) three times before Breakfast! That's why you are always in the bathroom! Give your Lok Pal a rest and do your homework already.'
Interviewer- oh fuck, he's agitating his Lok Pal again. Everybody, take cover.

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