Thursday, 23 May 2013

U.R. Ananthamurthy interview.

U.R Ananathamurthy explains how even ordinary women without a PhD from Birmingham and who haven't read Foucault can stop swinging from trees for a moment or two and make various gestures and guttural noises which are way more...urm...  like full of that thing which is also the subject matter of semantics?... than those fucking Marxist bastards whose PhDs are from Cambridge.

This is him talking about an acclaimed fellow author- Vaidehi- who is also present and talking for herself-

Interviewer- But would she still be able to swing from tree to tree?
Ananthamurthy- Not if that cunt Bhyrappa gets his way and turns Karnataka into another Hindutva laboratory a la Modi's Gujerat!  I tell you, if it hadn't been for Tipu Sultan, ordinary women like her who haven't even read Foucault would be denied opportunities even to eat Gunter Grass let alone swing from tree to tree! BTW did they give me the Mann Booker pize yet?
Interviewer- No.
Ananthamurthy- Fucking Islamaphobes!  The guy chairing the selection committee was obviously gay- even wearing a skirt and lip-stick!
Interviewer- I think that was a woman.
Ananthamurthy- Nonsense. He wasn't swinging from tree to tree at all. Get your facts straight.

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