Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What the hawthorn marks or the hazel mends

Madness loves me, this I know
But wasn't so sure a score years ago.
When those feet, in Ancient Times
Trod the Tuirgen of all Treason's crimes

Misprision is madness, but madness such a bore
Till brokering a deal for Arimathean Joe-
A classic long firm fraud on Credulous druids
Rood worshipers rude fuddled by alcoholic fluids-

I saw that, like Athens, Albion endures behind walls of wood
Which the blood of Christ cures full sour but good
Yet Nelson's oaks set the child Jesus free
To board the Armada of Calvary

Envoi- Prince! what the hawthorn marks or the hazel mends
            Breathless, yet, the Ash tree bends.

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