Saturday, 2 February 2013

Krauncha Giri as true Guru

Whom Ganesh circled to the Globe circle round
& Brutus kissed, kissing Omphalic ground
 Together traduce but Tertullian's Orbis Tertius
Whose Cursus Honorum is a Lacus Curtius

An arrow slyly let fly or spear furiously hurled
Vent vortices whereby Worlds mill to the World
Thus- its own Montanist hole, axial to birds-
 Krauncha Giri is the true Guru of words

Prince!- Balmik's krauncha or Cain's instructive raven
Hearts show no Hearts know a phoenix haven.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What is Tertullian's orbis tertius (3rd world?)

windwheel said...

Neither Athens (Philosophy) nor Jerusalem (Prophesy) but a third realm of continuing inspiration from the Holy Spirit (Montanism) which did not add new doctrinal content either by deduction or revelation but by clearing up ambiguities, filling up gaps and militating for higher ethical standards of an austere type.