Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wine more than I can drink

The World has Woe more than we can know
 & Thoughts more fraught than we can think
This Cellar'd kiss I stole a score Summers ago
  Is Wine, Saqi, more than I can drink.


  1. I've read something like this before. Can't think where. A translation of one of the Sufis no doubt- maybe Iraqi?
    We used to have a much loved copy of E.G. Brown's 'Literary History of Persia' on the bookshelf. must have a root around for it- though I suppose it's available online for Kindle.

  2. I was thinking of those lines of Yeats at the end of the film A.I-
    'Come away, O human child!
    To the waters and the wild
    With a faery, hand in hand.
    For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.'

    E.O. Brown's Literary History of Persia was a great favorite of mine. I think only one volume is available for Kindle on Project Guttenberg.
    I've often borrowed from Brown, like his
    'Whatever in all the world is Grief & Gall
    They mix them up, the mixture Love they call'
    to get
    'Gather up all the Grief and Gall the three Worlds afford
    Press in a cup; 'tis Love a la mode'

    There are some wonderful scholarly studies of Arabi and Iraqi and so on, on the Web but I really should order some books. any suggestions?